Electric vehicle impacts on strategic commodities

Three in-depth studies: platinum-group metals, lithium and cobalt.

A detailed evaluation out to 2040 using high, low and central case electric vehicle scenarios to understand the full impact on strategic commodity markets and prices. There are three separate reports, using the same underlying macroeconomic and powertrain data forecasts:

Platinum-Group Metals

Understanding the evolution of powertrains and their potential impact on the platinum, palladium and rhodium markets and prices. The electric vehicle uptake scenarios have varying impacts on each PGM market.


High prices of lithium products have mobilised numerous projects and mines worldwide. The report evaluates the impact of rising primary supply, battery production capacities and varying inflection curve scenarios for electric vehicles. Full details here. 


A detailed breakdown of existing and future battery chemistries and cobalt requirements along with a ground-up assessment of primary and by-product supplies of cobalt. Full details here. 

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