Due Diligence

SFA (Oxford) undertakes confidential assignments on behalf of a wide range of clients, including mining companies, investment banks, hedge funds, metal traders and high net worth individuals, to support their due diligence activities.

A broad spectrum of assets and situations can be evaluated, including corporate entities, projects from exploration to feasibility stage, operating mines, expansions and restarts. We can also assess numerous specific transactions, ranging from corporate deals to commodity market trading opportunities.

In carrying out these assignments, SFA (Oxford) has several significant competitive advantages over ‘traditional' technical consultants:

  • We are not constrained by any particular approach and our expertise cuts across traditional demarcation lines. Members of the SFA (Oxford) team have extensive experience of exploration, project appraisal, mine operation management, mineral processing, marketing, mining finance and mineral economics, covering a range of metals. This enables us to make a rapid, accurate initial assessment of an asset or situation, from technical, financial and strategic viewpoints.
  • The whole range of mined commodities is covered. Although probably best known for our specialisation in platinum-group metals, SFA (Oxford) frequently undertakes assignments in base metals, particularly aluminium, copper, nickel and zinc. We also cover a range of other commodities such as diamonds, iron ore, coal and industrial minerals, applying our proven analytical skills to each.
  • We deliver focused, timely, effective and value-adding due diligence solutions. Our reports are concise and commercially focused and each is prefaced with an executive summary that sets out clearly the key issues and strategic choices available to the client. Our communication style is tailored carefully according to each client's needs and preferences. In most instances, an initial report is issued within five working days of completing a site visit.
  • SFA (Oxford) maintains a strong network of trusted associates and specialist consultants. Where a situation calls for additional specialised input, we identify the requirements and recommend a suitable expert. Typically, we call upon associates for specific engineering, geological, mineral market or other specialised input, such as resource audits or engineering studies. More generally, SFA (Oxford)'s network penetrates the length and breadth of the mining industry and allied sectors, from senior operating management to investment bankers.

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