Global PGM Junior Study

SFA (Oxford) has closely tracked the global PGM junior sector for many years, working with numerous junior companies on different types of projects (hard rock, alluvial) across the globe, from Southern Africa to Russia, North America to Europe. We have been involved in listings, acquisitions, strategy, commercial terms and investment due diligence and junior capital raising or acquisition deals worth over $2bn to date.

We have analysed, and consulted on, all aspects of these projects, ranging from early exploration to feasibility and financing. Assignments have assessed both internal and external factors, encompassing quality, risks, opportunities, valuation, consolidation mapping, processing optionality and contextualisation within the sector and the wider market. The breadth and depth of our knowledge allows us to give you a uniquely pragmatic view of the junior PGM sector.

Who Should Read This Report

  • Producers taking the initial steps to grow or diversify their business.
  • Junior companies wanting to benchmark their assets against the global peer group.
  • Investors seeking opportunities in the PGM industry or needing to understand the dynamics in long term market fundamentals.
  • End-users that need to take cognisance of the changing global ore mix and long-term security of supply.
  • Refiners/processors looking to secure primary feed material.

The Report

Released once a year, the overarching theme of this report is to provide a comprehensive account of junior sector activities in the PGM space. Typically, the report will address: 

  • Overview of global exploration and development activities.
  • Geological synopsis of key exploration areas.
  • Global resource comparisons.
  • The profitability of PGM ores in differing regions.
  • In-situ resource valuations.
  • SWOT and PEST analyses.
  • Benchmarking of potential operating parameters, where applicable.
  • Potential impact on market fundamentals.

The following factors, where relevant, are appraised for each project:

  • Project background: History, current status, ownership, management, joint ventures and BEE. 
  • Geology: Deposit quality, prill splits, by-products, possible penalty minerals and regional geology. 
  • Reserves and resources: Size, grade, expansion potential, by-products.
  • Published project parameters: Planned production, capital expenditure, projected mine life, operating costs, grade, reef thickness, mining method.
  • Location: Infrastructure, skills, environment, legislation, restrictions, adjacent mines and comparative economics, historical mining in the area and associated challenges. 
  • Metallurgy: Processing routes. 
  • Timing: Project status, planned development and ramp-up phase. 
  • Risks: Competitive advantages/disadvantages of each project. 

Your Copy

For more information on our Global PGM Junior Study, or to obtain a copy of the report, please get in touch with us.