The Iridium Market

The Iridium Market report provides a focused outlook for iridium end-use applications (historical and future), in particular: LEDs, biomedical, jewellery, automotive and catalysis; manufacturing and fabrication bases, players and regions; price and performance drivers encouraging the use of iridium; threats to iridium (within substrate, tooling sector) at current prices (substitution by molybdenum and tungsten etc.); new technologies; and opportunities for iridium growth in new LED applications (automotive, industrial and residential lighting, signs, etc.) and chemical demand.    

Current and future pricing, market growth, technology development and the underlying evolution of demand and end-uses are mapped out for the next 10 years, together with an estimate of existing iridium end-use consumption rates (by use and region), taking into account the threat of potential substitution (both directly from competing materials and indirectly from evolving technology) and possible opportunities from emerging technologies.

Through SFA’s knowledge of, and expertise in, the iridium industry, The Iridium Market is a comprehensive report that offers insights (commercial knowledge) and proprietary (discreetly derived) estimates of above-ground iridium stocks (stockpiles, working inventories and risk positions) that currently exist with producers, traders and recyclers.

Who Should Read This Report
  • Iridium-/PGM-focused end-users and fabricators in need of an independent supply, demand and pricing picture of the iridium market and its evolving technologies and new applications.
  • Producers and fabricators requiring an independent review of end-use evolution, including opportunities, threats and substitutes, as well as an understanding of price risks.

The Report

The Iridium Market includes the following sections:

  • Iridium market drivers
  • Iridium market balance
  • Price drivers, substitution risks and forecasts
  • Attractive physical properties of Iridium
  • Demand by application
  • End-use demand versus capacity demand

    Electrical Demand

    • The LED market: new technology, energy efficiency, costs and market share.
    • Demand growth and capacity builds for LED TVs and lighting.
    • The iridium crucible market and the role of sapphire in LED production.
    • Gallium nitride (GaN) on sapphire versus GaN on silicon.
    • The threat of substitution from molybdenum and tungsten in high-temperature melting applications.
    • Iridium demand for crucibles used in LED production. 
    • Outlook for OLED displays and potential impacts on iridium demand. 

    Electrochemical Demand

    • The chloralkali process and iridium demand.
    • Substitution of a mercury-based process by an iridium-based process.  

    Automotive Demand

    • Automotive demand for iridium-tipped spark plugs.
    • Substitution threats from molybdenum.

    Chemical Demand

    • The CATIVA™ process and acetic acid demand, including capacity requirements. 

    Other Demand 

    • Jewellery.
    • Biomedical.
    • Novel end-uses.

    Iridium Supply and Stocks

    • Refined production by company.
    • Industry stock levels.
    • Movements of stock by producers and quantification of unrefined stock.
    • Stocks in weeks of demand. 

    Your Copy

    For more information on our report on the iridium market, or to obtain a copy of the report, please get in touch with us.