PGM Recyling

SFA (Oxford) works with many recyclers throughout the scrap recovery linkages of the value chain. Over the last five years, we have:

  • carried out investment due diligence on recycling plants;
  • assisted PGM refineries to locate and secure feed to fill capacity;
  • aided clients to enter the value chain for recycling; and
  • outlined the investment case and barriers to entry throughout the recycling value chain.

SFA tracks the development of PGM usage, including the autocatalyst, jewellery and other end-use sectors. Our understanding of:

  • The regional and global recycling infrastructure;
  • the main players in the value chain;
  • capacities and utilisation;
  • new vehicle production rates;
  • scrapping and collection rates; and
  • current and future emissions legislation

enables us to effectively model the secondary PGM supply from autocatalysts. This allows us to contextualise both the risks and opportunities for the PGM recycling sector.

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