Strategy and Planning

Using our globally recognised knowledge and understanding of today and tomorrow's PGM industry across the entire value chain from rock-face to end-use, SFA (Oxford) is well placed to identify industry opportunities and threats in order to generate ideas to augment your business strategy and planning efforts.

We have spent many years building the most sophisticated, tried-and-tested models to predict developments in all facets of the PGM market out to 2025 and beyond. Our diverse team of PGM experts, using SFA (Oxford)'s information and data platform, can generate scenarios that can identify investment possibilities in the PGM industry uniquely matched to your business objectives. Our reputation is built on our ability to meet clients' specific requirements, with the utmost regard and sensitivity for confidentiality.

Some examples of SFA (Oxford)’s tailored strategic consulting assignments include:

  • An on-going evaluation of the threats and opportunities for end-use technologies in order to identify new possibilities for generating value.
  • The augmentation of investment planning initiatives for a major financial institution by supplying real-time market impact analysis, information on end-use developments, mine and project evaluation, and metal price forecasting.
  • An evaluation of the optimal timing for new shaft development and an economic peer-group benchmarking assessment as part of a mine feasibility study.
  • A number of strategic business planning workshops for major producers and diversified conglomerates to identify investment opportunities within the PGM supply chain.
  • An independent identification of the investment opportunity of a junior PGM company and its assets for stock exchange listing purposes.

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