The Palladium Standard

Industry leading dedicated palladium market report

The palladium market has grown from humble beginnings in the 1970s and 1980s to over 10 million ounces in 2016. SFA took the lead in launching a dedicated palladium market report in September 2016, with a second edition in September 2017. 

Like The Platinum Standard it is one half review, one half preview. Reviewing the palladium market from its early days up to 2016. The Palladium Standard collates all the key industry data and indicators for the past 12 months, taking account of the major factors that have impacted PGM supply, demand and pricing over that period. This data is then inserted into SFA (Oxford)'s supply-demand tables to create a comprehensive, full-year view of the PGM markets.

How to get hold of The Palladium Standard

The Palladium Standard Standard is provided to all attendees at our special event during New York Platinum Week. To register your interest in receiving a copy of The Palladium Standard, please contact us.