PGM: Joining the dots between metal flows and price setting - report

SFA (Oxford)'s real world of PGM prices study, which we now refer to as 'PGM: Joining the dots between metal flows and price setting', contains unrivalled insight with over 300 pages of detailed analysis, commentary and charts.

Quite simply, nothing like this has ever been attempted for platinum-group metals before. It provides a unique exploration of purchasing dynamics between market participants, the complexity of the associated price web and driving factors for platinum, palladium and rhodium prices. 

It provides definitive answers to commercial questions which we have all posed. Reveals the sheer size, scale and depth of metal flows. Apportionment of physical metal flow and paper trading. Demand for each metal by end users. Stock levels of each metal and much more.

The report is only available to a select few. Please contact us for further information.