The PGM Radar

Refining an already proven formula of event-driven analysis and medium-term price forecasts, the SFA (Oxford) team has once again produced a product that raises the bar for PGM industry analytics. The PGM Radar, a risk-focused report that details on-the-horizon price-impacting factors, is the next evolution of our Quarterly Core Analysis Package, widely considered the benchmark in regular research of the platinum, palladium and rhodium markets. The document offers a brand new suite of analytical charts and scenarios, and is an essential guide to today’s PGM picture.

Who Should Read This Report

  • All industry stakeholders and new business entrants that need to keep abreast of the ever changing influences on the PGM markets and prices, including end users, recyclers, mining companies, juniors. 

  • Investors and financial institutions needing to understand and quantify the risks and opportunities in the industry, future costs of production and short- to medium-term prices.

The Report

Released four times a year on a subscription basis, The PGM Radar will keep you ahead of the markets and ahead of your competitors.

The content of each report will vary according to PGM industry events and market developments, but will be tailored to incorporate each client’s specific strategic needs. Typically, each the report will include:

  • Macroeconomic developments on supply-demand fundamentals and technology
  • The impact of changing vehicle production forecasts, new emissions legislation, powertrain technology and substitution on end-use demand.
  • Macroeconomic, demographic, and price influences on jewellery demand and recycling.
  • Tracking and reporting on the evolution of other industrial demand, including capacity expansions, new end uses and threats.
  • Updates and advice on the present and future stability and growth of primary platinum supply and demand.
  • The economics of primary PGM supply, including factors influencing cost inflation and exchange rate and volume impacts. 
  • Comments on the political and socio-economic risks impacting on primary platinum supply in politically sensitive PGM-producing regions (for example, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Russia).
  • Quantification of secondary supply, including business drivers, processing capacities and incentive pricing.
  • Investment, lease rates, trade and changes to the global stockpile.
  • “What if” scenario analysis and price risk assessment.
  • Economic derivation of metal prices with a three-year outlook.

Conference Call

Each report is supported by a conference call directly with the team of analysts, which will follow a few days after you receive the report. Here, our team of analysts can answer all of your nagging questions about the PGM industry and markets. Additional analysis and data arising from discussions may also be made available at this time.

Your Copy

For more information on The PGM Radar, or to pre-order your copy, please get in touch with us.