Dr Jenny Watts

Dr Jenny Watts

Principal Analyst: Automotive Demand & Technology; Member of the Executive Committee

BSc, MSc, PhD Chemistry, CChem, MRSC

Jenny is a very well-respected industry analyst and leads the demand research team. She has a wide-ranging technical background which she applies to evaluating and forecasting the impacts of clean automotive mobility trends on strategic metals. This includes assessing how technology shifts, legislative changes and environmental issues will help develop markets or are a risk for strategic metals over the short, medium and long term. 

Jenny has conducted numerous specialist assignments for fabricators, car companies, industry stakeholders and investors, including the evaluation of niche applications in new end-uses, threats of substitution and the long-term sustainability of end-uses. Jenny is expert at communicating complicated demand chemistry into easy to understand concepts for clients.

Jenny spent several years working for the Cookson Group PLC and Cookson Matthey PLC on R&D projects in support of operating companies, largely in the industrial minerals sector. She was responsible for developing new materials, with several patents granted, and for on-site process troubleshooting.

Key Assignments

  • Assessing the impacts of climate change agreements and clean air legislation on automotive technologies and the fall out for commodity usage.
  • Monitors diesel technology and sales developments to understand implications for commodities.
  • Evaluation of global energy market to assess the business and environmental case for electric vehicles. The project included an evaluation of battery technology and electric vehicle market projections to estimate demand for lithium in batteries over the medium and long term.
  • Researched all the current and potential end uses for iridium and ruthenium, benchmarked their technical and economic competitiveness against competing materials and processes.
  • Quantification of underlying demand drivers and extent to which they positively or negatively support the palladium price.
  • Full analysis and commissioned independent market research analysis of luxury goods market, to evaluate platinum’s strengths and weaknesses in the jewellery and wider luxury market.
  • Full analysis of the patent literature covering autocatalysts, identification of candidate base metal alternatives, evaluation of their claims of efficacy, monitoring research groups and companies involved with alternative metals to track and materials/products in development and market testing.


  • PhD and BSc Chemistry, University of Reading                
  • MSc, University of Bristol
  • Chartered Chemist, Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry 

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