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Welcome to this first edition of The Hydrogen Metals Standard, a new publication from SFA (Oxford) which, in conjunction with its Green Metals and Hydrogen conference on 26th November 2021, puts into perspective the roles of platinum, iridium and ruthenium in decarbonisation. These are the metals within the platinum group which we call the ‘hydrogen metals’. They are essential components of green hydrogen technologies that will enable the world to combat climate change by delivering a low-carbon future.

One-half review, one-half preview, The Hydrogen Metals Standard comprises analytical articles on those issues we believe will set the PGM agenda for the green hydrogen economy.

Each issue also collates all the key industry data and indicators for the past 12 months, taking account of the major factors that have impacted PGM supply, demand, and pricing over that period. This data is then inserted into SFA (Oxford)’s trusted brand of supply-demand tables to create a comprehensive, full-year view of the PGM markets.