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New York PGM Event - 15th September 2020

This special live online event, on the theme of “Can palladium and rhodium keep their shine post-Covid?”, offered our market-leading understanding of how these two important PGMs are likely to be impacted in these times of heightened market uncertainty. The event also featured presentations from our two invited experts, as well as the launch of our the latest issue of The Palladium Standard.

New York PGM Event 2020



  • Stephen Forrest, Executive Chairman, SFA (Oxford) and Beresford Clarke, Director of Research SFA (Oxford): Connecting the palladium and rhodium dots: true demand vs. the change in quantity demanded and that supplied
  • Dr Jenny Watts, Principle Analyst, SFA (Oxford): PGMs for sustainable hydrogen: which metals and when will we need them?
  • Guest speaker Tim Hill: The Lac des Iles Mine - the next chapter
  • Guest speaker Prof. Paul Chaisty: The COVID crisis and Russian mining: the domestic, political and economic challenges

Each attendee at our event also received a complimentary copy of The Palladium Standard which provides SFA's view on the palladium, platinum and rhodium markets and the key industry data and indicators for the past 12 months.

In addition, the 2020 publication also featured articles on the US economy and the impact of the presidential election on US automotive demand; the growing importance of environmental, social and governance factors in the mining industry; and an overview of global PGM supply including iridium and ruthenium. A copy was provided to all those registered for the online event.

Our 2020 guest speakers


Tim Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Impala Canada

'The Lac des Iles Mine - the next chapter'

Tim was appointed CEO of Impala Canada Ltd in December 2019, after serving as CFO of North American Palladium (NAP) since 2016. Tim has more than 20 years of experience within the base metals and precious metals sectors. Following the successful financial turnaround of NAP, Tim assumed the leadership of Impala Canada as the company became the sole Canadian operation of the global Implats Group. Prior to joining the company in 2015, he held senior positions at Vale Canada Ltd

Prof. Paul Chaisty, Professor of Russian and East European Politics, St. Antony's College, University of Oxford

'The COVID crisis and Russian mining: the domestic, political and economic challenges'

Paul joined the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies (OSGA) in 2005, following a three-year appointment in Politics at Pembroke College, Oxford. Prior to that, he has held teaching positions at various UK universities after receiving his PhD from the University of Leeds in 1996. Paul’s research interests include legislative, party and interest-group politics in the former Soviet Union, political attitudes in Russia and Ukraine, and post-Soviet nationalism.