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PLATINUM: Platinum market to run into 670k oz surplus as investment demand softens, says WPIC

  • Date: 21-11-19
  • Category: PLATINUM
  • Source: Mining MX

THE platinum market is expected to run into a 670,000 oz surplus in 2020 as record investment demand for the metal this year was unlikely to be repeated.

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ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Electric vehicle capitals: Showing the path to a mainstream market

This briefing assesses metropolitan area-level data on electric vehicle registrations and identifies the 25 largest electric vehicle markets, which together represent 42% of new passenger electric vehicle sales globally through 2018. To provide a blueprint for other governments, this briefing analyzes the incentives, charging infrastructure, and city promotion actions in these areas that are spurring electric vehicles into the mainstream.

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BATTERIES: Nikola Corporation to unveil novel battery cell technology; 500 Wh/kg on production cell

  • Date: 20-11-19
  • Category: BATTERIES
  • Source: Green Car Congress

Nikola Corporation said that it has developed a new battery that has a record energy density of 1,100 Wh kg-1 on the material level and 500 Wh kg-1 on the production cell level—including casing, terminals and separator—more than double current lithium-ion battery cells. The Nikola prototype cell eliminates binder material and current collectors, enabling more energy storage within the cell. It is also expected to pass nail penetration standards, thus reducing potential vehicle fires.

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COBALT: The world's first cobalt industrial museum was launched in Jiangsu province, China.

  • Date: 20-11-19
  • Category: COBALT
  • Source: GEM

In 2019, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry introduced the ancient cobalt elements to the world once again. The lithium batteries made of cobalt metal mainly, have become a key element of the information world.

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EMISSIONS: South Africa's Eskom needs $12 billion to comply with new emissions laws

  • Date: 20-11-19
  • Category: EMISSIONS
  • Source: Reuters

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - South Africa’s power utility Eskom needs around 187 billion rand ($12.60 billion) to comply fully with existing legislation curbing harmful emissions, a government presentation to parliament showed on Wednesday.

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ESKOM: South Africa’s Choice of White CEO for Eskom Angers Labor Unions

  • Date: 20-11-19
  • Category: ESKOM
  • Source: Bloomberg

The South African government's selection of a white executive to head the state power utility has outraged some unionists and politicians who see the move as a setback to efforts to address the nation's racial disparities.

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PALLADIUM: Russia to Become World’s Top Palladium Producer After $15Bln Arctic Investment

  • Date: 20-11-19
  • Category: PALLADIUM
  • Source: The Moscow Times

Nornickel and Russian Palladium to invest in huge production plant in Arctic tundra.

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NORNICKEL: Russian smelting giant invests billions in green modernisation

  • Date: 20-11-19
  • Category: NORNICKEL
  • Source: Helsinki Times

Norilsk Nickel, the world's largest producer of nickel and palladium, is closing down obsolete plants, as announced at the company presentation for the Investor Day in London recently. As company representatives explained, this decision is a part of Nornickel's updated environmental strategy.

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