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CHINA: China adjust the provisional tax rate for import and export in 2019

  • Date: 01-01-19
  • Category: CHINA
  • Source: Jewellery China

Since January 1, 2019, the black pearl tariff has been reduced to 0 for all MFN countries, and other jewellery and jade commodities (including diamonds, colored stones, organic stones, jewelry) to New Zealand, Peru, Costa Rica, Iceland, Australia, Asia Pacific Trade Agreement. Tariffs of countries (Bangladesh, India, Laos, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Mongolia), Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions have basically fallen to zero.

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LITHIUM: Eramet expects Argentina lithium investment decision in H1

  • Date: 20-12-18
  • Category: LITHIUM
  • Source: Mining Weekly

French multinational mining company Eramet’s lithium project in the Andean Cordillera of Salta, north-west Argentina, is entering its final preparation phase, with an investment decision less than six months away.

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DIESEL: New Mercedes-Benz GLE with six-cylinder diesel: first SUV in its class to meet Euro 6d

  • Date: 20-12-18
  • Category: DIESEL
  • Source: Daimler

Certification in accordance with the Euro 6d standard (RDE stage 2) not prescribed for new models until 1 January 2020 is possible due to measures including extended exhaust gas aftertreatment with an additional underbody SCR catalytic converter. Thanks to this enhanced technology the nitrogen oxide emissions drop to an average of 20 milligrams per kilometre in the case of the GLE 400 d 4MATIC, as shown by measurements in continuous operation of many thousands of kilometres. In individual journe

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BATTERIES: Future of the lithium-ion battery

  • Date: 20-12-18
  • Category: BATTERIES
  • Source: LMC Auto

For the foreseeable future, the success of battery electric vehicles (BEV) heavily relies on improvements being made to lithium-ion technology. Consumers are demanding longer driving range and lower costs if they are to make the switch to electric driving. In the near term, the capacity of lithium-ion batteries will continue to increase by around 7% annually, being driven by advances in anode and cathode materials, and, to a lesser extent, by battery pack design and control. These carry their ow

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EMISSIONS: Truck CO2 targets: industry reacts to common position of EU member states

  • Date: 20-12-18
  • Category: EMISSIONS
  • Source: ACEA

Europe’s major truck manufacturers take note of the common position on future CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles that EU environment ministers adopted at a Council meeting this afternoon

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MACROECONOMICS: German Business Confidence Worsens, Putting Rebound in Doubt

German business sentiment deteriorated further to its lowest level in more than two years as trade tensions and the rising risk of a no-deal Brexit threaten to hamper a meaningful economic rebound from a summer lull.

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AUTO SALES: China vehicle sales to tally 28M in 2018, remain flat next year, CAAM predicts

  • Date: 18-12-18
  • Category: AUTO SALES
  • Source: Auto News China

China's new-vehicle sales will total 28 million in 2018 due to the weak domestic economy, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers predicted. For 2019, the industry trade group expects new light-vehicle sales in China to be unchanged at 23.6 million. Deliveries of new commercial vehicles including buses and trucks will edge up 1 percent to 4.4 million.

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EMISSIONS: European auto industry faces tough CO2 emissions reduction target for 2030

  • Date: 17-12-18
  • Category: EMISSIONS
  • Source: Auto News Europe

BRUSSELS -- Auto industry groups warned that a European Union goal to cut CO2 emissions from cars by 37.5 percent and from vans by 31 percent by 2030 compared to 2021 levels would threaten automotive jobs and consumer choice.

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