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LITHIUM: China lithium product prices halved last year, may return to highs by 2025

  • Date: 21-01-19
  • Category: LITHIUM
  • Source: CBEA

Domestic battery-grade lithium carbonate prices fell all the way in 2018, a drop of 53.3%. The price of lithium hydroxide fell less, but the December offer also fell 23.19% from the beginning of the year.

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BATTERIES: Toyota teams up with Panasonic to produce EV batteries

  • Date: 20-01-19
  • Category: BATTERIES
  • Source: Japan Times

Toyota Motor Corp. and Panasonic Corp. are set to launch a joint venture in 2020 to manufacture batteries for electric vehicles, expecting growing demand in a sector where Chinese and South Korean rivals are gaining ground, sources close to the matter said Sunday.

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AUTO PRODUCTION: Elon Musk's Tesla to cut about 3,000 jobs as cars 'too expensive'

Electric carmaker Tesla has said it will cut its workforce by 7% after the "most challenging" year in its history.

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SEMICONDUCTORS: Bosch invests $1.1 billion to double chip production

The biggest single investment in Robert Bosch's history is taking place now at the supplier's semiconductor business in Dresden, Germany. The $1.1 billion spend to construct its second wafer fabricating plant will enable a doubling of output of Bosch chips starting in 2021.

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ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Who is buying EVs in China?

Sales of electrified vehicles have been surging in China for years. But until recently, it remained unknown who was buying many of the vehicles.

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FUEL CELLS: Hydrogen fuel cells have been written off for decades, but Toyota's Katsuhiko Hirose says they area just coming into their own

  • Date: 18-01-19
  • Category: FUEL CELLS
  • Source: The Drive

If you want to bring the wrath of Twitter upon you, suggest that electric vehicles could be powered by something other than batteries. Only the utterly naïve seem to think that any technology bringing zero emission transportation should be worth the consideration. Mention fuel cells, and you will swiftly be denounced as an idiot, an agent of Big Oil, or worse. Tesla’s Elon Musk routinely piles invective on fuel cells, calling them "mind-bogglingly stupid," "incredibly dumb" and "fool cells”—schoolyard taunts that resonate especially well with battery-bullies.

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AUTO SALES: Who is buying EVs in China?

  • Date: 18-01-19
  • Category: AUTO SALES
  • Source: Auto News China

Sales of electrified vehicles have been surging in China for years. But until recently, it remained unknown who was buying many of the vehicles. But a new research project led by Beijing-based news website discovered that a big chunk of the EVs automakers claim to have sold have ended up at their fleet and mobility operations.

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EMISSIONS: Truck CO2 targets: no public charging points for electric or hydrogen trucks available

  • Date: 17-01-19
  • Category: EMISSIONS
  • Source: ACEA

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has published data on the severe lack of recharging and refuelling infrastructure suitable for electric and other alternatively-powered trucks across the EU.

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