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We are constantly looking for new and aspiring talent with a dynamic skill set and relevant experience to complement our highly experienced team of analysts and consultants. Whether you have just graduated, are a multi-disciplined consultant, or have carved out a niche and become an expert in your field, we would like to hear from you. The SFA (Oxford) team achieved record success in 2023 and is at the cusp of a new and exciting growth trajectory. Fostering new relationships in new markets and industries is critical to our long-term success. We seek creative-minded and problem-solving individuals who achieve satisfaction from stretching their abilities to help all types of companies along the energy value chain succeed in meeting their goals. Although we don't have any immediate openings, we're always on the lookout for exceptional individuals to join us when opportunities arise. By reaching out to us now, you'll be on our radar for future roles that align with your skills and experience. Let's stay connected and explore potential opportunities to work together in the future.


The SFA team's remit covers the platinum group metals, battery metals and materials, the green hydrogen economy and fuel cells, sustainability, ESG and the energy markets. The team is seeking ambitious talent to enhance the team's capabilities, both permanently and ad hoc.

Over many years, SFA has completed numerous projects across a variety of industries and developed a unique blend of skills which carry the team from one project to the next, pushing SFA forward and growing careers simultaneously.

The team works with a multi-faceted client base ranging from large banks, investment funds and asset managers to family wealth offices and traders, through to end-users and fabricators in the value chain such as automotive companies, OEMs, multinational conglomerates, miners, junior exploration companies, recyclers, smelters and refiners. All of our clients have different challenges and rely on SFA for information and help, as we are uniquely plugged into all these markets.

We are proud of our achievements over the years to help our clients achieve their strategic goals and deliver fresh market insights that exceed expectations and challenge thought leadership. SFA is keen to hear from individuals who have self-belief and want to compete against larger consultancies and industry bodies to make a difference. We need fast and adaptable learners who can work in a team and also independently. New opportunities can open up quickly as we take on new work and will enhance your career.

Recent graduates

Our analysts and consultants work across teams and individual projects and as a result we have developed a unique skill set, enabling the company to grow rapidly since inception. Our mentoring programme helps develop the analytical skills, strategic insights, and knowledge required to complete client assignments. We look for team players who are analytically minded, creative and entrepreneurial for effective communication in reports and presentations.

We are seeking individuals who relish the opportunity to join an intellectually stimulating and hard-working team. SFA operates an open environment so you can bring your own ideas, engage with colleagues and help a global client base.

Depending on your abilities, you will develop your own career pathway, discover your set of multi-disciplinary strengths and help foster new strategic opportunities for SFA. As your skill set and knowledge base grows, and your marketing and sales awareness increase, you will be expected to assist with client proposals and pitches to secure new business. The SFA team works to a very high standard and it is important that you become as flexible as possible to assist across our business as your confidence develops and the team grows.

You may be given tasks you have never undertaken before. Depending on your skill set, you could become an expert in your field and be required to present in front of company Boards, travel internationally on assignments and visit commercial operations. Other opportunities such as representing SFA as a speaker at major industry conferences are great opportunities to network, enhance you profile and extend SFA's brand.

We are very conscious of your career path, especially early on in your career journey as we help you discover your niche and develop your confidence to succeed. The senior leadership team is committed to regular reviews and feedback to ensure you are on the optimal trajectory. You will also be working closely with experienced and successful members of the team, to learn the unique skills they have acquired over the years.

Experienced hires

For experienced individuals, opportunities are available to join our pool of industry associates where you will be called upon to utilise your skill set on a project-by-project basis working with the SFA team. Our project pipeline is constantly growing. Increasing our talent pool is essential as we balance the future needs of the business and the changing direction of our clients' goals. Here are some of the unique skills we are seeking to maintain current momentum:

Skill sets of interest to us

Come and join us if you have experience across the following areas:


Platinum Group Metals

  • Geologists, mining engineers, and metallurgists

  • Chemists and scientists

  • Economics and finance

  • Material scientists

  • Sustainability and ESG

  • Academics and geopolitics

Battery Metals and Materials

  • Geologists, mining engineers, and process/chemical engineers

  • Chemists and physicists

  • Economics and finance

  • Material scientists

  • Energy storage

  • Sustainability and ESG

  • Academics and geopolitics

Green Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

  • Electrolyser and fuel cell engineers

  • Solar and renewable energy engineers

  • Chemists and physicists

  • Economics and finance

  • Sustainability and ESG

  • Carbon capture and storage

  • Academics and geopolitics


C-Suite, commodity analysts and traders, economists, financial modelling, mathematicians, sustainability and ESG.


Marketing and business support (content, graphic design, events management etc.)


Proofreading and final report editing.

Our experience

Discover some of our breadth of work to date with our clients with a selection of case studies.

Join us

SFA is a front runner in developing and enhancing its analysis through unique and innovative market analytics. We are always on the lookout for individuals to take SFA’s analysis to the next level and who want to challenge themselves across niche markets.

Our project pipeline is full, and the team is constantly working to satisfy all client deliverables in a timely manner. A career at SFA can take you to new heights and limitless opportunities in the long term. SFA has a discretionary company share scheme in place to retain top talent and incentivise future company growth.

SFA’s evolving consulting-led and research-orientated environment succeeds through working in an intellectually driven and creative environment. When you join us, the learning curve is steep and demanding as we develop your confidence to achieve new heights, so you can become highly flexible across the business to meet new company growth goals. 

If you can relate to what we do and can bring new and interesting skills to the team to help grow the business, please get in touch.

How can we help you?

SFA (Oxford) provides bespoke, independent intelligence on the strategic metal markets, specifically tailored to your needs. To find out more about what we can offer you, please contact us.

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