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A long-established identity as an independent consultancy

SFA (Oxford) is a world-renowned consultancy specialising in critical minerals and metals for the energy transition. Since its inception, SFA has informed stakeholders with a comprehensive approach across value chains working with miners, processors, OEMs, end-users, recyclers, investors, trade associations, and governments. SFA has a long history of providing strategic insights and analysis to clients globally, helping in decision-making and market navigation. The diverse skills of the SFA team and our global consultants ensure we can deliver across industry sectors. We are now ready to share our fundamentals-derived coverage with the wider suite of critical metals and minerals underpinning the path to net zero as we continue to delve deeper into the complexities of the critical mineral markets. 

SFA remains dedicated to offering expert advice and strategic solutions that support our commitment with policy and commercial leadership, ensuring they are aligned with the challenges of today's rapidly evolving energy landscape. Our long history of consulting at all points along the business cycle, working with investors, start-ups, M&A, JVs, divestment, and policymakers places us at the forefront of supporting global energy transition goals. Our extensive experience in energy markets, initially related to the role of critical metals, now equips us with a balanced perspective on both carbon-intensive and net-zero technologies. Our approach integrates legislative, technological, economic, and commercial considerations into our bespoke analysis.

SFA's analysis recognises the interconnectedness of key elements of the periodic table from occurrences in geological orebodies, through to processing and then in end-uses. Latest technologies for the energy transition will depend on many of these elements. SFA's supply chain analytics can support your decision-making. 

SFA (Oxford) expands to Saudi Arabia and the GCC

At the Future Minerals Forum 2024, SFA (Oxford) strengthened its relationship with the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia by establishing a foreign branch to forge long-term partnerships supporting Vision 2030 and beyond.


SFA's particular strengths include:

  • Our expertise in global emissions legislation is key following the shift from traditional fuels to diverse low-emission technologies. This includes understanding the metals demand stemming from powertrains, including hybrid internal combustion engines, battery electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, and sustainable aviation fuels, among others.

  • Our comprehensive understanding of the roles of critical minerals extends to hydrogen production, renewable energy sources including solar, wind, and geothermal, as well as nuclear energy, power infrastructure, smart grids, and energy storage solutions. We increasingly focus on materials beyond battery metals and PGMs, deploying decades of modelling and forecasting expertise in a growing breadth of minerals, metals and materials.

  • In the realm of manufacturing technologies, we analyse end-use technology evolution and material substitution, evaluating the impact on critical minerals demand and critically how this shapes recycling processes and hence, secondary metal supply and circularity credits.

  • Our economic and regional assessments delve into renewable energy costs, including solar, wind and others. We evaluate the impact of regional factors on electricity costs, green hydrogen, and the influence of subsidies and incentives on technology adoption.
  • Our global mineral supply chain analysis is instrumental in guiding strategic decision-making and ensuring the security and sustainability of critical mineral supplies.

  • We excel in short and long-term forecasting, using advanced evaluation and scenario modelling techniques to anticipate shifts in mineral demand, considering broad and nuanced market trends.

  • SFA is committed to fostering international collaborations, encouraging innovation, and to sharing knowledge in the critical minerals sector. Our role in supporting policy development leads to creating resilient strategies aligned with sustainable development goals.

  • Our risk management strategies adeptly address the complex challenges and geopolitical dynamics in critical mineral markets, ensuring robust and strategic approaches.

  • By cultivating strategic global partnerships, we facilitate leadership in the energy transition, championing a sustainable, efficient, and profitable future.

For more information and to schedule a meeting with SFA (Oxford), please contact David Mobbs, Head of Marketing (

David Mobbs

Head of Marketing

Safeguarding SFA (Oxford)'s future for long-term success

Since its founding by Stephen Forrest over two decades ago, the company has continuously evolved, expanding its research into powertrain technologies and exploring new metals to stay ahead in the industry. The acquisition of SFA (Oxford) by Sibanye-Stillwater in 2019 marked a significant milestone, providing our team with enhanced capabilities to adapt to changing markets, navigate future commodity cycles, and broaden our reach into new sectors. This includes our expansion into critical metals, energy, and sustainability, ensuring we deliver comprehensive and forward-thinking solutions for the benefit of all our clients.

The business's intellectual capital resides with its employees, and the introduction of an employee ownership scheme to help retain SFA's unique attributes, including our long-established identity as an independent consultancy. Our ethos is unchanged, and the SFA team continues to provide exceptional, definitive research across critical minerals and clean energy, including PGM markets, Battery Metals and Materials, Green Hydrogen and ESG. The team continues to expand, and we bring in consultants or associates where necessary. The appointment of Jim Sutcliffe as an independent non-executive director to the Board provides legitimate assured independence to maintain SFA's growth trajectory.

In 2024, under the leadership of Henk de Hoop, SFA announced the establishment of its foreign branch in Saudi Arabia. This strategic expansion, aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, aims to enhance support for companies and governments across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). SFA’s new foreign branch is a significant milestone in fostering sustainable growth in critical minerals and metals. Dr Fahad Aljahdali, appointed as the General Manager, will lead the initiative, ensuring a balanced focus on both the emerging opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the GCC. This strategic long-term initiative will enable closer collaboration with clients, offering tailored solutions and insights critical for navigating the complex landscape of the minerals and metals market for the global energy transition. The company aims to leverage its global expertise to support the transformative ambitions of its Saudi partners, fostering innovation and contributing to the Kingdom's economic diversification and technological advancement.

A deep understanding of the impact of technologies on commodities

As part of our long history of PGM research, we have been analysing and following the evolution and impact of emissions legislation and compliance, energy policies and new technologies on key metals, which has enabled us to develop a thorough understanding of emissions-cutting and fuel efficiency technologies. Our research delves deep into the automotive battery and fuel cell technology developments to derive the impact on the platinum group metals and battery raw materials such as nickel, cobalt and lithium, and other strategic metals.

SFA’s proven industry experience and cutting-edge analysis with strong links from mine sites to end-users, as well as a unique insight into the complex global commodities marketplace, are what gives us our competitive edge. 

Our extensive knowledge base and diversification are accumulated from constant interaction with end-users, consultancy work, monitoring of new production capacity and closures, technological developments, trade data, macroeconomic drivers and industrial indices. Much of the data associated with end-users is very difficult to obtain and we have succeeded in acquiring this data over a number of years through industry-sponsored research and interaction with stakeholders.

Clients continue to use our expertise and granular analysis on tomorrow’s technologies and their impact on commodities to augment their growing business needs and investment decisions. Our ethics and integrity regarding confidentiality have never been compromised. As has always been the case with SFA – being in the right place, at the right time, working with the right companies and researching the right metals. Consequently, we have built up a large and unique network of loyal, long-standing clients to become renowned and trusted advisors throughout the industry.

Our value chain expertise is unrivalled

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SFA (Oxford) provides bespoke, independent intelligence on the strategic metal markets, specifically tailored to your needs. To find out more about what we can offer you, please contact us.

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