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Battery Metals and Materials

SFA (Oxford) adds value to clients in the lithium, nickel, cobalt and other critical commodity industries with a strong consulting track record.

Platinum Group Metals Market

SFA (Oxford) is a world-renowned authority on PGM insights and has undertaken many complex assignments along the value chain.

Green Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

The future of PGMs is in green hydrogen and fuel cells. Since 2005, SFA (Oxford) has informed global market development.

Rare Earths, Minor Metals & Minerals

Critical elements powering the global economy, from high-tech electronics to renewable energy technologies, SFA (Oxford)'s insights can support you.

SFA (Oxford) is an expert team of consulting analysts and engineers in tomorrow's commodities and technologies

Latest news and insights

Stay at the forefront of sustainable technology with SFA (Oxford)'s latest analysis on critical minerals, energy transition strategies, and advances in the hydrogen economy. Explore the future with SFA across global value chains.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

4 July 2024 | Kimberly Berman

Discover SFA (Oxford)'s view on why EV adoption in the US is low compared to other markets despite car dependency, emissions concerns, and Tesla's success.

Can Graphite Export Restrictions Lift Supply?

20 June 2024 | Kimberly Berman

Graphite trade tensions between the US and China may drive needed industry development in N. America and Europe, reducing geopolitical energy transition risks.

The Oxford Lectures 2024

Speakers from across the PGM and Battery Metals value chains, representing producers, end-users and investors, provided delegates with unique insights into industry opportunities and challenges facing the PGM and battery metals supply chains. We would like to thank our industry expert speakers for their valuable contributions and extend our thanks to those in attendance, both in-person and online.


SFA (Oxford) expands to Saudi Arabia and the GCC

At the Future Minerals Forum 2024, SFA (Oxford) strengthened its relationship with the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia by establishing a foreign branch to forge long-term partnerships supporting Vision 2030 and beyond.

Sustainability and ESG

Analysing the environmental performance of companies has become very important to lenders and investors in recent years, and with our expertise in commodities, we can augment your green investment coverage.

Recent presentations on the PGM and battery metals markets

Discover our leading Battery Metals market reports

Consulting across multiple industries

Working in partnership and complete confidence, SFA (Oxford)’s independent detailed market research and integrity is underpinned by extensive consulting from mine to market to recycler, enabling us to foster relationships with the most significant players across the globe.

Far-reaching market outlooks

Providing granular analysis of the PGM, lithium, nickel, and cobalt markets out to 2040.

Long-Term PGM Market Report

Our in-depth market outlook provides current and long-term trends and influences acting on the PGM markets out to 2035.

2040 Lithium Market Outlook

This ground-breaking, forward-looking report analyses the trends and influences on the lithium market and battery technologies out to 2040.

Long-term Nickel Market and Prices Outlook to 2040

This ground-breaking, forward-looking report analyses the trends and influences on the nickel market and battery technologies out to 2040.

Long-term Cobalt Market and Price Outlook to 2040

This ground-breaking, forward-looking report analyses the trends and influences on the cobalt market and battery technologies out to 2040.

Unlocking value for clients across industries worldwide

The SFA team is a world-renowned authority on critical metals intelligence, providing in-depth market research and insights for automotive players, OEMs, hydrogen and battery economy stakeholders, industrial and energy users, ESG-conscious investors, as well as coverage of jewellery and investment trends. We track the latest developments and outlook for platinum-group metals, as well as battery metals and materials that are essential for the green energy transition, including electric vehicles, renewable power, and hydrogen technologies.


How can we help you?

SFA (Oxford) provides bespoke, independent intelligence on the strategic metal markets, specifically tailored to your needs. To find out more about what we can offer you, please contact us.

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