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Consulting analysts joining-the-dots in tomorrow’s commodities

SFA (Oxford) is a world-renowned authority on platinum-group metals and provides in-depth market intelligence on battery raw materials and hydrogen for industrial, automotive, energy, and smart city technologies, as well as on jewellery and investment trends.

Platinum-group metals reports

Battery raw materials reports

Hydrogen market reports

Long-Term PGM Market Outlook report 2021

SFA (Oxford) unveils its latest in-depth Long-Term PGM Market Outlook report – The BIG takeaway is platinum's re-established price supremacy! This issue includes the latest extrapolations and ranking on the economics of supply by producer/project and our granular estimations of PGM demand, associated risk commentary’s, including a semiconductor chip shortage scenario against our new base of pent-up auto demand recovery.

This PGM Biannual report is intensely informative, with terrific graphics, strong logical arguments and interesting technical explanations (e.g. Did you know a hydrogen heavy-duty internal combustion engine might have issues with NOx).

Our latest research also shows platinum use in the hydrogen economy. The prospects for growth in the longer-term rely heavily on some of the technology decisions and scale-up made over the next few years which we cover.


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Working across the whole industry value chain

SFA (Oxford)’s in-depth market research and integrity are underpinned by extensive consulting from mine to market to recycler. Unrivalled understanding of industry dynamics allows us to foster relationships with the most significant players across the globe, working alongside each one in partnership and with absolute confidentiality.







Identifying windows of economic opportunity


At the core of SFA (Oxford)’s business is bespoke upstream and downstream consulting. We provide detailed, tailored assessments of strategic investment opportunities using our extensive industry expertise. With dedicated analysts and engineers, along with our industry associates, we are able to diversify our research beyond the scope of most commodity consultancies, acting as a 'think tank' for many clients through which SFA (Oxford) has become the analytical link in clean mobility, technology and the critical commodities value chain. 

  • Mine valuations and competitor benchmarking
  • Commercial offtake and sales due diligence
  • Purchasing dynamics and pipeline mapping
  • Metal price forecasting and market intelligence
  • Credible independent reporting for listings and capital raisings
  • Deep-dive projects for strategic decision making
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A deep understanding of future transport emissions

Clean air technologies

As part of our long history of PGM research, we have been analysing and following the evolution of emissions legislation and compliance for over a decade, and this has enabled us to develop a thorough understanding of emission-cutting and fuel-efficiency technologies. SFA (Oxford) is a trusted advisor across the automotive value chain, working for car manufacturers, OEMs and raw material suppliers, and investors.

SFA (Oxford) regularly provides analysis of the impact of global emissions standards, energy policies and new technologies on key metals. Our research delves deep into automotive battery and fuel cell technology developments to derive the impact on platinum group metals and battery raw materials such as nickel, cobalt and lithium.


Q4 Quarterly PGM Market report

Our Q4 Quarterly PGM Market report is now available with SFA’s hands-on, forward-looking commentary and analysis on the events and trends currently impacting PGM supply, demand and pricing, and the market implications – including our latest analysis of the potential impact of the global chip shortage.