Consulting analysts in tomorrow’s commodities and technologies

Consulting analysts in tomorrow’s commodities and technologies

SFA (Oxford) is a world-renowned authority on platinum-group metals and provides in-depth market intelligence on battery materials and precious metals for industrial, automotive, and smart city technologies, as well as on jewellery and investment trends.


Platinum-group metals reports

Battery materials & technology reports

Precious metals reports

Two ground-breaking reports on the impact of vehicle electrification on platinum-group metals and future mobility

The 2040 PGM Market Outlook Report is a long-term sensitivity analysis that examines, on a deep-dive basis, the changing nature of the PGM market and metal prices from the likely effects of automotive technological advances. Specifically, the report highlights the potential fallout from electric car inflection point scenarios in the 2020s on palladium and rhodium demand and prices. It also analyses metal substitution, recycling and the changing nature of global supply. Learn more.

SFA (Oxford) has compiled the world's largest compendium on the future of cities and mobility solutions including ride-hailing, mobility as a service and autonomous drive. The Drivers for Mobility Change Report exclusively covers population growth, urbanisation, air quality, decarbonisation, congestion, and digitisation, whilst evaluating the range of connected mobility services and technical limitations to answer many of the most pressing questions posed today. Learn more.

Other SFA (Oxford) reports

Working across the whole industry value chain

SFA (Oxford)’s in-depth market research and integrity are underpinned by extensive consulting from mine to market to recycler. Unrivalled understanding of industry dynamics allows us to foster relationships with the most significant players across the globe, working alongside each one in partnership and with absolute confidentiality.







Identifying windows of economic opportunity


At the core of SFA (Oxford)’s business is bespoke upstream and downstream consulting. We provide detailed, tailored assessments of strategic investment opportunities using our extensive industry expertise. With dedicated analysts and engineers, along with our industry associates, we are able to diversify our research beyond the scope of most commodity consultancies, acting as a 'think tank' for many clients through which SFA (Oxford) has become the analytical link in clean mobility, technology and the critical commodities value chain. 

  • Mine valuations and competitor benchmarking
  • Commercial offtake and sales due diligence
  • Purchasing dynamics and pipeline mapping
  • Metal price forecasting and market intelligence
  • Tomorrow’s cities and mobility solutions
  • Autonomous vehicles landscape
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A deep understanding of future transport emissions

Powertrain technologies

As part of our long history of PGM research, we have been analysing and following the evolution of emissions legislation and compliance for over a decade, and this has enabled us to develop a thorough understanding of emission-cutting and fuel-efficiency technologies. SFA (Oxford) is a trusted advisor across the automotive value chain, working for car manufacturers, OEMs and raw material suppliers, and investors.

SFA (Oxford) regularly provides analysis of the impact of global emissions standards on key metals, as well as gasoline and diesel vehicle trends. Our research covers automotive developments in electric vehicles (battery, hybrid and fuel cell), analysing future powertrain scenarios and their impact on PGMs and other commodities such as cobalt and lithium.


Save the date — Friday 10th May 2019

The Oxford Platinum Lectures

SFA (Oxford) is delighted to announce that next year’s Oxford Platinum Lectures will be held on Friday 10th May 2019 in the Lecture Theatre at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and will once again provide a day of thought-provoking lectures and passionate debate.

The theme for the 2019 Lectures will be 'Time for Adoption', exploring how the platinum industry’s response to the current difficulties facing the market could lead to new opportunities going forward.

Find out more on SFA (Oxford)'s annual events and the history of The Oxford Platinum Lectures.