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Environmental, social & governance

Value chain consulting

Sustainable solutions across commodities and energy

SFA (Oxford)’s ESG solutions for stakeholders along the commodities and energy value chain can help you to achieve your strategic sustainability goals. Our expert team of analysts and associates can provide detailed assessments and tailored insights, and identify strategic investment opportunities using our extensive industry knowledge to evaluate the impact of the challenges affecting your sector. SFA's ground-up experience working across different sectors ensures greater investment credibility as we help you to navigate the clean energy transition towards decarbonising industry and transportation, and developing the hydrogen economy, with the wider adoption of renewable energy, green hydrogen, and energy storage.

Augmenting clients' strategies with comprehensive ESG insights

At the core of SFA’s business is bespoke consulting. As companies accelerate along the pathway towards clean energy and sustainability, the need to target net-zero emissions is intensifying and greater demands are being put on companies to align with the clean energy transition. Driven by government policy and international regulations, industries are now more accountable for the emissions they produce and their environmental footprint. Let SFA work in partnership with you to help achieve your ESG targets and raise the bar to push higher and further than your competitors.

SFA is committed to delivering sustainable strategic solutions for industry players to enhance their environmental, social and governance spheres of influence for investors as ESG-compatible investment vehicles gather traction. Organisations not compliant with ESG initiatives are likely to see exclusion from major market indices as pressure from shareholders and public investment habits continue to bolster ESG-compliant funds.

Environmental solutions

Given SFA's experience in commodities and energy, we are increasingly considering ESG factors across all our supply and demand analyses to support the clean energy goals of heavy industries and their stakeholders. In the face of new global environmental and social challenges, compliance with ESG initiatives has moved to the forefront of investor priorities. Understanding and mitigating regulatory, political and stakeholder issues is key to longevity across the commodity and energy sectors, and the pressures surrounding these factors are set to increase over the coming years. Our penetrative environmental analysis tracks energy-intensive processes and emissions, water usage, waste generation and land use, as well as social and governance assessments to improve ethical and sustainability practices. Let SFA help to unlock the value of reducing your environmental footprint.

Augmenting ESG strategy, planning and Board support

SFA works closely with value chain players to understand how materially significant ESG issues can be integrated into their wider company strategy.

Peer-group ESG benchmarking

SFA's benchmarking of PGM and Battery Raw Material producers on critical ESG factors generates high-resolution insights for sustainability-conscious investors.

Cradle-to-grave ESG recycling studies

SFA's analysis of environmental footprints from recycled material in terms of GHGs, waste generation and processing is helping future PGM recycling investments.

Sustainable investing and portfolio realignment

SFA supports investors finance new projects and opportunities through analysing clean energy investment targets and portfolios to reach their sustainability goals.

Asset optimisation and energy sustainability

SFA assists clients in capital-intensive industries to optimise assets and energy processes to reduce their environmental footprint to achieve higher returns.

Balancing the grid and energy storage

With the energy transition well underway, SFA helps energy-intensive industries with energy storage assessments to reduce their reliance on the grid.

ESG investor board packs and roadshows

SFA provides institutional investors and industrial players with sustainability and energy insights to enhance their pathway to net-zero strategies.

Regulatory landscape and policy implications

SFA delivers detailed insights into climate change policies and sustainability targets to support industry stakeholders sustainability targets and market impacts.

'Black box' ESG scenario and modelling

SFA executes scenario analysis to evaluate the impact of ESG development and clean energy to meet sustainability goals and optimise investment returns.

Sustainable mobility strategies for tomorrow

SFA supports mobility companies with their strategies providing global or local industry context, benchmarking competitors and identifying new opportunities.

Charging infrastructure and sustainable energy

SFA can help you analyse the rise of electric vehicle charging, grid development and clean energy to enhance your sustainable transport and air pollution strategies.

Decarbonising PGMs, BRM and the Hydrogen economy

SFA evaluates mine-to-market carbon reduction opportunities for producers to OEMs by tracking product carbon footprints and process emissions.

Establish a new 'green' premium market price

SFA can help you unlock a green carbon price premium and identify new opportunities by assisting your transition away from high emissions-intensive processes.

Social solutions

Today, large corporations have the opportunity to help shape their labour force and local communities for generations to come. Efforts to foster infrastructure projects, minimise safety-related incidents, initiate staff training and development, and encourage wider community cohesion often translate to less volatile operating environments and can lead to regional economic prosperity. SFA's corporate social assessments and locally-driven solutions can maximise your community investments.

Human capital and organisational planning

The SFA team has completed many labour workforce projects analysing demographic trends and forecasting future labour requirements.

Governance solutions

Corporate governance encompasses the structural decision-making required to promote transparency, diversity and equal opportunities, and mitigate risk exposure. Business governance is coming under increasing scrutiny. From ensuring local stakeholders are actively involved in decision-making processes to tackling corruption and bribery, corporate governance is the practical manifestation of a company's ethos and integrity. SFA is available to guide senior management in ensuring compliance and equality.

Bespoke research

SFA offers tailored, independent ESG market intelligence across all sectors.

Country-wide ESG investment reviews

SFA’s regional industry ESG assessments analyse and peer-review your competitors to help discover the environmental leaders, and sector underperformers to measure future value opportunities.

Carbon trading and emissions intelligence

SFA can help industrial clients accelerate investments into low carbon energy sources with in-depth research into carbon trading systems and credit mechanisms to help offset and reduce their carbon emissions.

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage

SFA's insights of CCUS evaluates opportunities and technology risks for circular-economy players seeking to optimise their clean energy transition and long-term sustainability goals.

Meet the Sustainability and ESG team

Trusted advice from a dedicated team of experts.

Henk de Hoop

Chief Executive Officer

Beresford Clarke

Managing Director: Technical & Research

Dr Jenny Watts

Head of Clean Energy & Sustainability

Jamie Underwood

Principal Consultant

Adele Rouleau

ESG and Critical Minerals Lead

Daniel Croft

Commodity Analyst

Lakshya Gupta

Senior Market Analyst: Battery Materials and Technologies

Dr Ralph Grimble

Operations Director

Thomas Chandler

Principal Lithium Supply Analyst

Rj Coetzee

Senior Market Analyst: Battery Materials and Technologies

Alex Biddle

Senior Mining Analyst

Dr Fahad Aljahdali

General Manager, KSA

Jeremy Coombes

Independent Consultant

David Mobbs

Head of Marketing

Joel Lacey

Sales and Marketing Specialist

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