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A leading commodity consultancy with expertise in future technologies and mobility. SFA (Oxford) is a world-renowned authority on platinum-group metals and provides market intelligence on battery raw materials and precious metals for industrial applications, clean automobiles and technologies for future smart cities, as well as on evolving jewellery trends and investment.

For more than 19 years, the SFA (Oxford) team has successfully undertaken complex assignments for producers, fabricators, end-users, recyclers and investors, whilst compiling the most comprehensive, independent supply and demand database.

We work confidentially in support of each client’s specific requirements, augmenting strategic decision-making and adding value to a portfolio of companies that spans the entire value chain, from mine to market. Consequently, we have built up a unique network of loyal, long-standing clients to become renowned and trusted advisors throughout the industry. 

SFA (Oxford) Client Network

"SFA (Oxford) provides us with critical market intelligence on the global supply situation for PGMs. In particular, their fundamental understanding of PGM production cost developments helps us anticipate and understand the possible changes in supply. To our thinking, SFA (Oxford) is the only source we would consider for this type of information."

- Feedback from a major PGM end-user client

A deep understanding of the impact of technologies on commodities

SFA (Oxford)’s proven industry experience with strong links from mine sites to end-users, as well as a unique insight into the complex global commodities marketplace, is what gives us our competitive edge.

Our extensive knowledge base is accumulated from constant interaction with end-users, consultancy work, monitoring of new production capacity and closures, technological developments, trade data, macroeconomic drivers and industrial indices. Much of the data associated with end-users is very difficult to obtain and we have succeeded in acquiring this data over a number of years through industry-sponsored research and interaction with stakeholders.

SFA (Oxford)’s expertise and granular analysis on tomorrow’s technologies and their implication for commodities continues to augment our clients’ business needs and investment decisions.

The Team

SFA (Oxford) has eleven dedicated consulting analysts, each a specialist in a particular part of the value chain, which when combined with our industry associates as necessary, allow us to diversify our research beyond the scope of most consultancies, acting as a ‘think tank’ for many clients, identifying and validating strategic opportunities.

Stephen A. Forrest

Executive Chairman, Principal Consultant & Engineer

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Beresford Clarke

Director of Research, Chairman of the Executive Committee

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Dr Jenny Watts

Principal Analyst: Automotive Demand & Technology, and Head of Hydrogen Analytics, Member of the Executive Committee

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Dr Ralph Grimble

Principal Market Analyst: Commodities & Financial Markets, Member of the Executive Committee

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Jamie Underwood

Principal Consultant, Member of the Executive Committee

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Ye Lu (Carol)

Associate Principal Analyst: China

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Oksan Atilan

Consulting Market Analyst: Automotive Demand

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Wenlin He (Karen)

Consulting Market Analyst: China

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Thomas Chandler

Principal Market Analyst, Member of the Executive Committee

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Alex Biddle

Senior Analyst: Supply, Geology & Mining

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Lakshya Gupta

Senior Market Analyst: Battery Materials and Technologies

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Jordan Roberts

Senior Mining Analyst: Battery Materials

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Francesca Price

Senior Mining & Commodities Analyst: Precious Metals, Battery Materials

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Aisling Hubert

Senior Mining Analyst: Environmental, Social and Governance

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David Mobbs

Head of Marketing, Member of the Executive Committee

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Yoshimi Mizoguchi Owen

Marketing Associate

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Andy Smith

Independent, Member of the Executive Committee

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Jeremy Coombes

Independent, Member of the Executive Committee

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​At the core of SFA (Oxford)’s business is bespoke consulting. We provide detailed, tailored assessments of strategic investment opportunities using our extensive industry expertise to evaluate the impact of the challenges affecting the industry.

What we offer


SFA (Oxford) provides regular market intelligence on the PGM metals, other strategic commodities such as lithium and cobalt, and bespoke deep-dive analysis into new and existing opaque markets.

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