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BATTERY RECYCLING: E-waste company opens battery recycling plants in Singapore and France

TES issued a press release announcing the new facilities that is light on detail but claimed the plants would position it as ‘a leader’ in battery recycling. The company also announced an intent to move into the reuse of spent electric vehicle batteries in commercial and residential applications.

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BATTERY RECYCLING: Australian, South Korean companies join forces to recycle battery metals

Envirostream Australia, a 24% subsidiary of Lithium Australia (ASX: LIT), announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with South Korean company SungEel HiTech Co. for the sale of recycled battery metals.

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BATTERY RECYCLING: UK needs to act to prevent electric vehicle battery waste mountain

A review of lithium ion battery recycling led by the University of Birmingham suggests that, while electric vehicles (EVs) offer a solution for cutting pollution, governments and industry need to act now to develop a robust recycling infrastructure to meet future recycling need.

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BATTERY RECYCLING: American Manganese receives initial lithium-ion battery recycling test results

The test results produced high-quality nickel-cobalt hydroxide from our initial tests of tier-one NCA cathode scrap.

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BATTERY RECYCLING: Lithium-ion recycling rates far higher than some statistics suggest

While it is often stated only 5% of lithium-ion batteries are recycled, a review of research into the second life and recycling of lithium-ion batteries suggests that is a gross understatement. A new study found almost 100,000 tons of waste batteries were recycled last year – about half of what reached end-of-life.

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