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ICE: McLaren flags end of road for petrol engines by 2030

  • Date: 25-08-20
  • Category: ICE
  • Source: Financial Times

McLaren, the UK supercar maker, will stop developing petrol engines within a decade as it plots a long-term shift towards electric vehicles. The company will focus on hybrid supercars for the next ten years, with a plan to source more components in the UK, but expects to cease any traditional engine development by 2030, chief executive Mike Flewitt told the Financial Times. “We will be developing engines for the next ten years, selling for the next 15 years, but we expect a lot of the world to ...

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ICE: International automotive researchers emphasize the importance of continued development of the internal combustion engine

  • Date: 09-10-19
  • Category: ICE
  • Source: Green Car Congress

Thirty-seven globally prominent scientists representing the International Journal of Engine Research have published an open-access editorial addressing the future of the Internal Combustion Engine, and stressing the importance for continued development of more efficient and even lower-emitting technologies.

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