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MOBILITY: This Is What Peak Car Looks Like

  • Date: 28-02-19
  • Category: MOBILITY
  • Source: Bloomberg

After one too many snowstorms, Boston tech executive Larry Kim had had it with shoveling out his car and struggling to find parking. So in 2014 he ditched his Infiniti luxury sedan and began commuting by Uber and Lyft—at an annual cost of as much as $20,000. “I would never go back to owning a car,” says Kim, chief executive officer of MobileMonkey Inc., a Facebook Messenger marketing platform, who says he’s recovered an hour a day by not driving.

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MOBILITY: GM will launch electric bike sales in Europe

  • Date: 14-02-19
  • Category: MOBILITY
  • Source: Auto News

General Motors said it will begin selling electric bicycles in Europe in the second quarter. Two such bicycles, a compact bike and a foldable one, will launch first in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, markets where cycles powered by lithium ion batteries are already popular, GM said in a statement Thursday.

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