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SUBSTITUTION: Market in the foothills of platinum recovery as automakers turn minds to substitution

THE market might be in the foothills of a platinum price recovery as automakers had “started to do some work” on how the metal could be used as a substitute for palladium, the dollar price of which had improved 48% in 2019.

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SUBSTITUTION: No evidence of substitution away from palladium. Indeed evidence of no substitution

  • Date: 03-10-19
  • Category: SUBSTITUTION
  • Source: Matthew Turner

The palladium price has hit a new record high in recent days over $1,700/oz, and the FT has declared there’s more to come unless we see a global recession or substitution of much cheaper platinum. I agree. And yet at present not only is there no evidence of substitution but there’s evidence that there has been no substitution.

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SUBSTITUTION: World Emissions Standards: Opportunities & Risks for PGMs in Automotive Catalysis

The following is a truncated version of the speech which Dr Josey delivered at the 2018 LBMA/LPPM Conference in Boston. It focuses on world emission standards, and what this means for the future demand for PGMs.

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SUBSTITUTION: The debate over palladium and platinum replacement for gasoline vehicles is not whether, but when

Palladium is more expensive than platinum for the second time ever in 2017. Due to platinum's new price advantage over palladium, we investigated the possibility of using platinum in catalytic converters for gasoline vehicles.

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