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ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Interest in electric vehicles growing, but diesel still essential to fleets

Diesel is still an essential fuel for fleets as cleaner alternatives so far fail to achieve the economy and range it offers. But interest is growing in electric vehicles, said fleet decision makers at the Fleet200 Executive Club meeting, held at Company Car In Action in June.

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ELECTRIC VEHICLES: BMW accelerates rollout of electric cars to catch up with rivals

BMW has accelerated its rollout of electric cars, in a bid to convince investors it is capable of catching rivals in the race to sell battery vehicles.

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ELECTRIC VEHICLES: With EVs, drones and AI, China crafts green-tech megalopolis

Entrepreneur Tony Verb is on a mission to promote technology that can help make cities greener and smarter in China's Greater Bay Area, now being shaped as a low-carbon megalopolis.

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JEWELLERY: Hong Kong Jewellery Industry Mature Market Report

  • Date: 24-06-19
  • Category: JEWELLERY
  • Source:

The size of the Hong Kong jewelry market is over 60 billion, and mainland tourists account for about half of the total. The Hong Kong jewelry market maintained a growth rate of more than 8% before 2013. Since 2014, it has experienced a large negative growth and resumed its growth trend after 2017. In terms of category structure, Hong Kong has a larger proportion of inlaid jewellery. The industry is gradually increasing the share and variety of gem-set jewellery products, from the low gross...

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ESKOM: Eskom bailout set to be funded by tax hikes

  • Date: 23-06-19
  • Category: ESKOM
  • Source: The South African

President Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced that R230 billion will be allocated towards Eskom, with a Special Appropriation Bill set to be tabled.

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ZIMBABWE: Zim pays Eskom US$10m in bid to ease power shortage

  • Date: 23-06-19
  • Category: ZIMBABWE
  • Source: Fin 24

Zimbabwe will this week pay US$10m to South Africa's power utility Eskom as part of plans to unlock at least 400MW to ease power shortages in the country.

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PGM PROJECTS: Zimbabwe army offloads stake in $4bn project

  • Date: 23-06-19
  • Category: PGM PROJECTS
  • Source: The Standard

Zimbabwe’s military has disposed of its stake in a $4 billion platinum joint venture with Russian investors, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has said.

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RARE EARTHS: Zimbabwe discovers rare minerals

  • Date: 23-06-19
  • Category: RARE EARTHS
  • Source: Bulawayo 24

Zimbabwe sits on bountiful and lucrative deposits of minerals known as rare-earth elements (REE), some of which sell for more than US$1 000 for a single kilogram and where investors are seeking alternative sources to China, which dominates production.

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