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Green Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Reports

Slowing climate change

Ground-up research for the circular economy

SFA (Oxford)'s knowledge of the PGM markets enables us to offer a realistic view as hydrogen technologies scale up. Substitution and thrifting are part of the picture for PGM use in hydrogen technologies, just as they are in the more established PGM end-uses. Integrating these developing hydrogen markets with the entire SFA mine supply, demand and recycling view gives confidence in making technological choices and also in understanding where to focus development and investment activities.

PGM reports for the hydrogen market

For green hydrogen metals, SFA provides quarterly reporting on this fast-moving space.

Green Hydrogen Metals Market Outlook Report

A proprietary report unlocking the current and future demands for the precious metals (Pt, Ir and Ru) used in electrolysers and fuel cells for the hydrogen economy.

The Ruthenium Market and Price Outlook Report

Stay up to date with the quarterly five-year forecast on ruthenium's technological developments and the underlying evolution of supply, demand and end-use applications.

The Iridium Market and Price Outlook Report

A comprehensive quarterly report on iridium market fundamentals and integration of future technologies for new and existing end-users.

The Hydrogen Metals Standard

The Hydrogen Metals Standard comprises analytical articles on those issues we believe will set the PGM green metals agenda for the years ahead and is released at our Green Metals and Hydrogen event.

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