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The Geopolitics of Battery Supply Chains

HY IEE International Symposium

5 December 2023

The IRA and Implications for Canada

Hanyang University's Institute for Energy and the Environment welcomed Principal Consultant Kimberly Berman at Prestigious International Symposium

Seoul, South Korea - In a significant showcase of global thought leadership, the Hanyang Institute for Energy and the Environment (HY-IEE) at Hanyang University had the pleasure of hosting Kimberly Berman, a respected analyst, as a keynote speaker at their international symposium. This event took place in the first week of December 2023 and served as a confluence for experts from around the world to engage in vital discussions about the global battery market and critical mineral supply chains.

The invitation to Kimberly Berman was extended by Younkyoo Kim, the Director of the Hanyang Institute for Energy and the Environment, reflecting the institute's commitment to deepening the understanding of the US-China battery competition, especially in light of the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The symposium, themed 'Global Battery Market and Geopolitics' aimed to foster comprehensive debates on several key issues. These included the recent US-China de-risking strategies, the development of Electric Vehicle (EV) battery supply chains in the EU and Canada, and the significant role South Korean battery manufacturers play in the industry.

Kimberly Berman

Principal Consultant - Energy Transition Metals

The event was co-hosted by the Hanyang Institute for Energy and the Environment (HY-IEE), alongside the Chairman of the University Foundation and the President of the University, signaling its high importance. An array of major battery, critical minerals, and EV companies were invited to participate, along with experts from the US, Canada, and England. Kimberly Berman was specifically asked to focus her speech on "The Geopolitics of Battery Supply Chains: The IRA and the Implications for Canada," a topic of great relevance and interest to the symposium's theme.

Among the invited speakers were Roderick Eggert, Professor and Deputy Director of the Critical Materials Institute at the Colorado School of Mines, USA, and representatives from the Embassy of Canada in Seoul. This illustrious lineup highlighted the event's significance in fostering meaningful dialogue on critical issues facing the global battery market and mineral supply chains.

Kimberly Berman's engagement at the symposium was a testament to her expertise and the high regard in which she is held in the energy and environment sectors. Her presentation offered valuable perspectives that enriched the discussions and provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding battery supply chains and geopolitical strategies.

To explore Kimberly Berman's insightful presentation on "The Geopolitics of Battery Supply Chains: The IRA and the Implications for Canada," and to gain a comprehensive view of her analysis and viewpoints, please see the presentation under the event photos below.

Global Battery Market and Geopolitics

2nd Annual HY-IEE International Symposium, 5 December 2023

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