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The Palladium Standard 2022

SFA (Oxford) launches the latest edition of the Palladium Standard

13 September 2022

Edition 7: Collateral Damage

Released each year in New York, SFA (Oxford)'s Palladium Standard is the industry-leading view of the Palladium and wider PGM market.

This years edition contains articles from the SFA team, as well as an analysis of the macro and PGM markets from James Steel, Chief Precious Metals Analyst at HSBC Securities.

Edition 7 – Featured articles

  1. Macro and PGM markets -The Turn of the Screw

    James Steel, Chief Precious Metals Analyst, HSBC Securities

  2. Inflation reduction act: the good the bad the ugly

    Lakshya Gupta, Senior Battery Technologies Analyst, SFA (Oxford)

The Palladium Standard

The Palladium Standard comprises analytical articles on those issues we believe will set the PGM agenda for the years ahead and is released annually in September on the eve of New York Platinum Week.

Unrivalled experience across the PGM value chain

SFA (Oxford) is a world-renowned authority on platinum group metals and provides a range of in-depth market intelligence derived from ground-up modelling of supply and demand fundamentals and our hands-on, forward-looking commentary and analysis on the events and trends impacting the PGM marketplace.

Each report is supported with direct interaction with the SFA team of analysts. Our PGM market reports and accurate PGM price forecasts have developed a 'cult' following by the key value chain players, delivering unique market insights ahead of the industry and supporting our clients in their strategic decisions.

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