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Green hydrogen and fuel cells

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Growing hydrogen production using PGMs

SFA (Oxford) wants to foster an integrated sustainable energy revolution across the hydrogen value chain. All sectors of the economy including transport, industry and energy, in all regions of the world need to cut their emissions of greenhouse gases over the coming decades. There is substantial legislative, economic and social support for this. The development of the hydrogen economy is a part of this green energy transition. PGMs can play key roles in the production and use of green hydrogen from renewable energy; electrolyser and fuel cell technologies are scaling up fast. Companies, from producers to refiners, to end-users and investors will need to understand the long-term supply dynamics of the PGMs and the opportunities presented in the hydrogen value chain. Here you can learn more about some of the latest innovations taking place to grow the green hydrogen and fuel cells market to assist in decarbonising our planet.


The journey to net zero.


Renewable energy to make green hydrogen.

Fuel cells

Green hydrogen for industry and mobility.

Renewable energy

Utilising natural energy sources.

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