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SFA (Oxford) expands to Saudi Arabia

Consulting in critical minerals for the energy transition

10 January 2024, Riyadh and Oxford

Bringing SFA’s proven expertise to the Gulf region

SFA (Oxford) Limited, a globally recognised authority in critical minerals and metals across the value chain, announces the establishment of its foreign branch in Saudi Arabia. This strategic expansion, aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, aims to enhance support for companies and governments across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), solidifying our commitment with policy and commercial leadership.

SFA’s new foreign branch is a significant milestone in fostering sustainable growth in critical minerals and metals. Dr Fahad Aljahdali, appointed as the General Manager, will lead the initiative, ensuring a balanced focus on both the emerging opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

"In line with our expansion into the Middle East, SFA (Oxford) is dedicated to strengthening and building upon our existing relationships across the GCC. We recognise the importance of these partnerships in the context of Saudi Vision 2030 and are committed to nurturing them with a focus on long-term growth and mutual success. Our presence in Saudi Arabia enables us to engage more closely with our clients across the Kingdom, understanding their unique challenges and opportunities, and collaborating on bespoke solutions that drive sustainable growth where the shift towards sustainable and renewable energy sources and the security of critical minerals is paramount," says Dr Fahad Aljahdali.

Dr Fahad Aljahdali

General Manager, KSA

Henk de Hoop, Chief Executive Officer of SFA (Oxford), adds,

“The global energy transition is a monumental task that requires a deep understanding of the critical minerals sector. Our role in this transition is to provide the highest level of expertise and insight, assisting in the responsible sourcing, utilisation, and recycling of these vital materials, including critical minerals essential for renewable energy technologies. Our expansion into Saudi Arabia, with its rich mineral resources and strategic vision, is a key part of our commitment to contribute to a sustainable and diversified global energy landscape. We are excited to play a pivotal role in this transformative journey of the region, contributing not only to sustainable development but also to economic diversification across the Kingdom to support the adoption and integration of cutting-edge technologies and practices in the field of energy, aligning with Saudi Vision 2030’s goals of creating a more sustainable and diversified economy.”

This strategic long-term initiative will enable closer collaboration with clients, offering tailored solutions and insights critical for navigating the complex landscape of the minerals and metals market for the global energy transition. The company aims to leverage its global expertise to support the transformative ambitions of its Saudi partners, fostering innovation and contributing to the Kingdom's economic diversification and technological advancement.

For more information, please contact Henk de Hoop and Dr Fahad Aljahdali.

Henk de Hoop

Chief Executive Officer

Future Minerals Forum 2024

SFA (Oxford) is proud to attend the Future Minerals Forum in Riyadh, invited by the British Embassy, highlighting our expertise in critical minerals and collaboration with the UK government. Leading in the critical minerals and energy transition, we provide innovative insights and actionable supply chain analysis. We are eager to partner with both large and small corporations in the region, offering our specialised knowledge to enhance their strategies.

We warmly invite attendees to meet with Beresford Clarke, Managing Director: Technical & Research, David Mobbs, Head of Marketing, and Dr Fahad Aljahdali, General Manager (KSA branch), at our stand to share insights, discuss innovations, and explore collaborative opportunities in the critical minerals and metals sector.

The Future Minerals Forum is a prestigious event, and our presence there is supported by the British Embassy. We are excited to showcase our insights, engage with industry peers, and explore new avenues for collaboration and growth at our booth.

We extend our sincere thanks to the British Embassy for their valuable support and for facilitating our participation in such a significant event.

The Battery Metals Lectures

Thursday, 9 May 2024

New York 05:00 (EDT), London 10:00 (BST), Frankfurt 11:00 (CEST), Johannesburg 11:00 (SAST), Moscow 12:00 (MSK), Tokyo 18:00 (JST)

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The Oxford Platinum Lectures

Friday, 10 May 2024

New York 05:30 (EDT), London 10:30 (BST), Frankfurt 11:30 (CEST), Johannesburg 11:30 (SAST), Moscow 12:30 (MSK), Tokyo 18:30 (JST)

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About SFA (Oxford)

SFA (Oxford) is a world-renowned consultancy specialising in critical minerals and metals for the energy transition. Since its inception, SFA has informed stakeholders with a comprehensive approach across value chains working with miners, processors, OEMs, end-users, recyclers, investors, trade associations, and governments. SFA provides strategic insights and analysis to clients globally, helping in decision-making and market navigation. As we continue to delve deeper into the complexities of the critical minerals market, SFA remains dedicated to offering expert advice and strategic solutions that support the ongoing development of policies, ensuring they are aligned with the challenges of today's rapidly evolving energy landscape.

"SFA is entering an exciting phase with establishing our new branch in Saudi Arabia. This expansion is not just a milestone for us but a strategic move to enhance our engagement with stakeholders in the Kingdom and across the globe. The opportunities for growth and advancement in the critical minerals sector are immense and urgent if we are to meet the 2050 targets for a sustainable energy future," says Beresford Clarke.

Beresford Clarke | Managing Director: Head of Technical and Research

Beresford Clarke

Managing Director: Technical & Research

We are now ready to share our fundamentals-derived coverage with the wider suite of critical metals and minerals underpinning the path to net zero and to forge new strategic partnerships.


Our long history of consulting at all points along the business cycle, working with investors, start-ups, M&A, JVs, divestment, and policymakers places us at the forefront of supporting global energy transition goals. Our extensive experience in energy markets, initially related to the role of critical metals, now equips us with a balanced perspective on both carbon-intensive and net-zero technologies. Our approach integrates legislative, technological, economic, and commercial considerations into our bespoke analysis. The diverse skills of the SFA team and our global consultants ensure we can deliver across industry sectors, with particular strengths including:

  • Our expertise in global emissions legislation is key following the shift from traditional fuels to diverse low-emission technologies. This includes understanding the metals demand stemming from powertrains, including hybrid internal combustion engines, battery electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, and sustainable aviation fuels, among others.

  • Our comprehensive understanding of the roles of critical minerals extends to hydrogen production, renewable energy sources including solar, wind, and geothermal, as well as nuclear energy, power infrastructure, smart grids, and energy storage solutions. We increasingly focus on materials beyond battery metals and PGMs, deploying decades of modelling and forecasting expertise in a growing breadth of minerals, metals and materials.

  • In the realm of manufacturing technologies, we analyse end-use technology evolution and material substitution, evaluating the impact on critical minerals demand and critically how this shapes recycling processes and hence, secondary metal supply and circularity credits.

  • Our economic and regional assessments delve into renewable energy costs, including solar, wind and others. We evaluate the impact of regional factors on electricity costs, green hydrogen, and the influence of subsidies and incentives on technology adoption.

  • Our global mineral supply chain analysis is instrumental in guiding strategic decision-making and ensuring the security and sustainability of critical mineral supplies.

  • We excel in short and long-term forecasting, using advanced evaluation and scenario modelling techniques to anticipate shifts in mineral demand, considering broad and nuanced market trends.

  • SFA is committed to fostering international collaborations, encouraging innovation, and to sharing knowledge in the critical minerals sector. Our role in supporting policy development leads to creating resilient strategies aligned with sustainable development goals.

  • Our risk management strategies adeptly address the complex challenges and geopolitical dynamics in critical mineral markets, ensuring robust and strategic approaches.

  • By cultivating strategic global partnerships, we facilitate leadership in the energy transition, championing a sustainable, efficient, and profitable future.

For more information and to schedule a meeting with SFA (Oxford), please contact David Mobbs, Head of Marketing (

David Mobbs

Head of Marketing

Brought to you by

Dr Fahad Aljahdali

General Manager, KSA

Henk de Hoop

Chief Executive Officer

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