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The Palladium Standard

Given the perpetual challenges the PGM industry faces, and the turning point at which it now sits, SFA (Oxford), spurred on by public demand, felt a certain responsibility to the industry as a trusted source of PGM analysis to create a publication that brings to light those issues – industrial, economic, and political – that we believe will shape the PGM industry of tomorrow.

One-half review, one-half preview, The Palladium Standard comprises analytical articles on those issues we believe will set the PGM agenda for the years ahead and is released annually in September in New York Platinum Week.

Each issue will also collate all the key industry data and indicators for the past 12 months, taking account of the major factors that have impacted PGM supply, demand, and pricing over that period. This data is then inserted into SFA (Oxford)’s trusted brand of supply-demand tables to create a comprehensive, full-year view of the PGM markets. 

Edition 5 - September 2020

Featured articles

  1. Connecting the palladium and rhodium dots: true demand vs. the change in quantity demanded and that supplied
    Stephen Forrest, Executive Chairman, SFA (Oxford) and Beresford Clarke, Director of Research SFA (Oxford)
  2. PGMs for sustainable hydrogen: which metals and when will we need them?
    Dr Jenny Watts, Principle Analyst, SFA (Oxford)
  3. The Lac des Iles Mine - the next chapter
    Tim Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Impala Canada
  4. The COVID crisis and Russian mining: the domestic, political and economic challenges
    Prof. Paul Chaisty, Professor of Russian and East European Politics, St. Antony's College, University of Oxford

Edition 4 - September 2019

Featured articles

  1. Priced-out! Investors give way to industrialists 
    Matthew Turner, Consultant Commodity Analyst and Economist
  2. PGM market — a ‘new normal’ and future challenges
    Denis Sharypin, Head of Market Research, Nornickel
    Petr Varyushin, Principal PGM Market Analyst, Nornickel
  3. Are BEVs about to pull the plug on palladium?
    Lakshya Gupta, Battery Materials and Technologies Analyst, SFA (Oxford) Ltd


Edition 3 - September 2018

The Palladium Standard - September 2018

Featured articles

  1. PGMs – Casualties of a US-China trade war?
    Andy Smith, Precious Metals Consultant
  2. Electric shock? The electrified metals trilogy: Palladium, lithium and cobalt
    Beresford Clarke, Managing Director, SFA (Oxford)


Edition 2 - September 2017

The Palladium Standard - September 2017

Featured articles

  1. The argument for PGMs – And the canary in the (PGM) mine 
    Rob Ellis, Managing Partner, Ridgefield Capital
  2. Hybrids: A growing end-use for palladium 
    Beresford Clarke, Managing Director, SFA (Oxford)
  3. Q&A with Nornickel on the future of the palladium market 
    Denis Sharypin, Head of Market Research, Nornickel


Edition 1 - September 2016

The Palladium Standard - September 2016

Featured articles

  1. The palladium market 
    Beresford Clarke, Managing Director, SFA (Oxford)
  2. Stillwater Mining: An industry perspective and a strategy for change 
    Mick McMullen, President and CEO, Stillwater Mining Company
  3. The race for the White House 
    Oren Klachkin, Senior Economist, Oxford Economics USA


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