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The Platinum Standard

Given the perpetual challenges the PGM industry faces, and the turning point at which it now sits, SFA (Oxford), spurred on by public demand, felt a certain responsibility to the industry as a trusted source of PGM analysis to create a publication that brings to light those issues – industrial, economic, and political – that we believe will shape the PGM industry of tomorrow.

One-half review, one-half preview, The Platinum Standard comprises analytical articles on those issues we believe will set the PGM agenda for the years ahead and is released annually in May on the eve of London Platinum Week.

Each issue also collates all the key industry data and indicators for the past 12 months, taking account of the major factors that have impacted PGM supply, demand, and pricing over that period. This data is then inserted into SFA (Oxford)’s trusted brand of supply-demand tables to create a comprehensive, full-year view of the PGM markets. 

Edition 10 - May 2021

Featured articles

  1. Covid, the trend catalyst
    Tim Schlick, Chief Operating Officer, Platinum Guild International
  2. Anglo American: Shaping the future of PGMs – hydrogen and beyond
    Mark Freed, Head of Market Development, Anglo American
  3. Transformation of the PGM revenue basket
    Francesca Price & Alex Biddle, SFA (Oxford) Ltd.

Edition 9 - May 2020

Featured articles

  1. Why the post-COVID-19 economy will be different
    George Magnus, University of Oxford's China Centre & SOAS University of London
  2. Green hydrogen from electrolysers: An all-rounder to fight climate change
    Dr. Philipp Walter & Dr. Christian Gebauer, Heraeus
  3. The hydrogen society: Decarbonisation drives long-term PGM demand growth
    Dr. Jenny Watts, SFA (Oxford) Ltd

Edition 8 - May 2019

The Platinum Standard - May 2019

Featured articles

  1. Revenue splits over time: The rise of the PGM miners 
    Samantha Trickey, Principal Supply Analyst, SFA (Oxford)
  2. Why are investors taking a punt on platinum?
    Dr. Ralph Grimble, Principal Market Analyst: Commodities & Financial Markets, SFA (Oxford)
  3. Platinum fuel cells and hydrogen: racing to avert a climate emergency? 
    Dr. Jenny Watts, Principal Analyst: Automotive Demand & Technology, SFA (Oxford)

Edition 7 - May 2018

The Platinum Standard - May 2018

Featured articles

  1. Enter the dragon – Heraeus builds the world's most advanced PGM facility 
    Hans-Günter Ritter, Head of Precious Metals Trading, Heraeus Precious Metals
  2. Wealth or stealth: Will Zimbabwe unlock its full mining potential 
    Sam Trickey, Principal Supply Analyst, SFA (Oxford)
  3. Platinum jewellery demand in India: An ambition realised? 
    Jeremy Coombes, Precious Metals Consultant


Edition 6 - May 2017

The Platinum Standard - May 2017

Featured articles

  1. South Africa's cost base: Out on a (Northern) Limb 
    Sam Trickey, Principal Supply Analyst, SFA (Oxford)
  2. An age of uncertainty: South African politics on the edge 
    The Paternoster Group, African Political Insight Ltd
  3. The PGM markets in 2016/17 
    Beresford Clarke and Dr. Jenny Watts, SFA (Oxford)


Edition 5 - May 2016

The Platinum Standard - May 2016

Featured articles

  1. Air quality – Political and legislative implications for PGM use 
    Dr. Jenny Watts, Principal Automotive Demand and Technology Analyst, SFA (Oxford)
  2. Where do PGMs lie on the journey towards the future of sustainable mobility 
    Dr. Katsuhiko Hirose, Professor of Kyushi University and Professional Partner Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Promotion Group, Toyota
  3. Fuel cell applications beyond automotive – opportunities and challenges 
    Dr. Kerry-Ann Adamson, CEO and Founder, 4th Energy Wave


Edition 4 - September 2015

The Platinum Standard - September 2015

Featured articles

  1. A blueprint for white metals in dark days 
    Stephen A. Forrest, Chairman, SFA (Oxford)
  2. Oxford Economics' US outlook 
    Oren Klachkin, Senior Economist, Oxford Economics USA
  3. A review of platinum demand over the last 10 years
    Infographic by SFA (Oxford)


Edition 3 - May 2015

The Platinum Standard - May 2015

Featured articles

  1. The platinum investment compass 
    Dr. Ralph Grimble, Principal Market Analyst: Commodities & Financial Markets, SFA (Oxford)
  2. The global jewellery market 
    Nicholas Graham Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Platinum Guild International, London
  3. The diesel debate: Arguments for and against
    Greg Archer: Managing Consultant: Gaian Ltd


Edition 2 - September 2014

The Platinum Standard - September 2014

Featured articles

  1. Breaking new ground: The search for new sources of primary supply  
    Sam Trickey, Principal Supply Analyst, SFA (Oxford)
  2. The realities of physical platinum investment 
    Dr. Ralph Grimble, Senior Market Analyst, SFA (Oxford)
  3. Fuel cell vehicles: Coming to a car park near you. Eventually.
    Dr. Kerry-Ann Adamson, CEO and Founder, 4th Energy Wave


Edition 1 - May 2014

The Platinum Standard - May 2014

Featured articles

  1. Platinum's global spheres of influence 
    The SFA (Oxford) team
  2. Rhodium: Key to PGM supply growth 
    The SFA (Oxford) team
  3. The Ukranian Crisis and its impact on Russian PGMs 
    Dr. Paul Chaisty, Professor of Russian Government at Oxford University


Platinum market reports

SFA (Oxford) provides regular market intelligence reports on platinum as well as in-depth studies on recycling, metal flows and price setting. Our most popular platinum market reports are:

  • The PGM quarterly report
  • The Long-Term PGM Market Outlook report
  • The 2040 PGM Market Outlook report

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