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Bridging the Cobalt Gap in North America

The first, solar-powered, carbon neutral cobalt processing plant in the US

04 March 2024

In this episode, we engage in a captivating conversation with Navaid Alam and Gil Michel-Garcia, Founders and Co-Founders of EVelution Energy, a pioneering private enterprise dedicated to establishing a carbon-neutral, modular cobalt sulfate processing facility in Arizona.

Against the backdrop of the IRA and various other influential clean energy initiatives propelling the nationwide advancement of the lithium value chain industry in the United States, EVelution is at the forefront of the EV revolution in North America and is breaking ground on a $200 million project that will produce up 33 ktpa of cobalt sulfate.

This is the first episode of SFA's special podcast series, in which we host players from across the critical minerals value chains and unearth insights from industry professionals on the ground.

To find out more about EVelution click here.

Kimberly Berman

Energy Transition Technologies and Metals Specialist

The Oxford Battery Metals Lectures

We are delighted to have key players join us on Thursday 9th May including EV Volumes, BMW/MINI, SQM, CATL, and Porsche Consulting, and will discuss how the battery metals value chain is undergoing rapid change. Significant investment in battery technologies, enhancing efficiency and energy density, is helping to make EVs an increasingly attractive option for consumers as the drive from early adopters to the mass market accelerates. This impacts the dynamics of the EV adoption curve, which further intensifies the evolving nature of the supply chain. Furthermore, governmental and ESG pressures are expediting the shift from traditional mining methods to more sustainable approaches.

Find out more about the speakers, presentations and venue here.

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Kimberly Berman

Energy Transition Technology and Metals Specialist

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Kimberly Berman

Energy Transition Technology and Metals Specialist

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