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The Oxford Battery Metals Lectures

Thursday 9th May

The Rapidly Evolving EV Supply Chain

SFA (Oxford) is delighted to have key players join us including SQM, Keliber, BASF, CATL, Porsche Consulting, BMW/MINI and EV Volumes to explore the growing pressure for the EV supply chain to innovate.

Environmental and political pressures, as well as consumer expectations of cheaper cars, faster charging, and longer range are forcing changes in mining methods, battery technologies, and manufacturing processes; creating a rapidly-evolving EV supply chain. Significant investment in battery technologies, enhancing efficiency and energy density, is impacting the EV adoption curve as EVs become increasingly attractive options for consumers, further intensifying the evolving nature of the supply chain. 

Providing detailed insights across the battery metals supply chain, this event is unique; and at just £400 for in-person attendance and group discounts available, it is a must-attend for industry professionals across the EV and battery metals supply chains. The price reflects our desire as a leading consultancy company to encourage face-to-face engagement amongst delegates and cover just the costs of hosting the lectures.

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Bringing together major industry players to present next-generation lithium supplies, batteries and EVs



Addressing the key questions

On Thursday 9th May, SFA (Oxford) will bring together key industry leaders to engage in a healthy debate on the next-generation lithium supplies, batteries and EVs. Our expert speakers will address the key questions facing the rapidly-evolving battery metals value chain:

  • According to SQM, one of the world’s largest and lowest cost lithium suppliers, how much can we expect supplies to grow?

  • Can we successfully apply new extraction technologies to limit water use?

  • What is the future of EV batteries according to the world’s biggest battery maker, CATL?

  • How do cathode material suppliers BASF balance the requirements of OEMs and supplies?

  • Assuming we commercialise solid-state batteries, what is Porsche Consulting’s perspective?

  • What is their potential impact on raw material supply chains?

  • What challenges do OEMs face when convincing consumers?

  • What strategies does MINI implement to accelerate EV adoption?

  • What do EV Volumes expect for EV sales in future considering slowing sales growth?

  • How important is battery recycling going to be?

The Oxford Battery Metals Lectures is part of our annual event at which we pull together an international and diverse audience, representing a broad range of companies that spans battery metals producers, refiners, fabricators, pCAM and CAM producers, end-users, lithium-ion battery recyclers, and investors, to join us in the world-renowned scholarly city of Oxford, to stay at the forefront of industry developments and network with peers who share our passion and expertise.

The Oxford Battery Metals Lectures are held at the world-renowned Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Our guest speakers


Neil King
Head of Forecasting, EV Volumes

Regional perspectives on the EV adoption curve and battery demand implications

Neil joined EV Volumes in March 2023 to assume responsibility for their global forecasting activities, leveraging the data and expertise within EV Volumes.

He has been at Autovista Group, which acquired EV Volumes and has since been acquired by JD Power, since 2016 and has 25 years of experience in automotive consulting, forecasting, research and analysis, and data journalism. Prior to this, Neil was at Euromonitor International, which he joined in 2011 to spearhead their automotive research and analysis, and was an Associate Director of the Automotive Group of IHS Global Insight (now S&P Global).

A modern languages graduate, Neil speaks French and German as well as basic Italian and Swedish and has been regularly quoted in both the mainstream and automotive media.



Megan Harrall
Head of Strategy, MINI BMW

Convincing consumers

Megan is the head of strategy for MINI UK, responsible for developing the regional strategy and steering cross functional planning and operations in UK, the home of the MINI brand. MINI (BMW Group), launched the fully-electric MINI Electric Hatch back in 2019, and is set to launch three new fully-electric models in 2024. From 2030, BMW Group’s Oxford Plant will produce all-electric MINI models exclusively.

Megan is an experienced sales and marketing automotive industry professional with experience launching BMW Group’s flagship fully-electric models, and is currently shaping the electric readiness strategy for MINI UK.



Mika Seitovirta
Executive Chairman, Keliber

Emerging European supply

Mika has gained extensive international experience through his senior leadership roles in global companies across a wide range of industries. He has previously served as CEO of Outokumpu Oyj and Glaston Corporation, as Managing Director of Hartwall Oyj/Scottish & Newcastle PLC and as Executive Chairman of Ferrovan Oy.

In addition to his current roles as Executive Chairman of Keliber Oy, and Chairman of Metroauto Oy and K. Hartwall Oy Ab, Mika has also served as a Senior Advisor and Executive Coach for the Boston Consulting Group Inc. Mika has significant experience in the European automobile industry, including various positions held for more than a decade at Volvo and in the European ferroalloys industry.



Stefan Debruyne
Director of External Affairs, SQM

Lithium innovation driving electrification

Stefan joined SQM in 2005 and is currently responsible for stakeholder engagement as Director of External Affairs. He has previously held the position of Sales Director for lithium and iodine in the Asia-Pacific region. He has a Master's degree in commercial engineering and an Executive MBA.

Stefan is poised to delve into the groundbreaking innovations driving the lithium sector forward, highlighting SQM's contributions to shaping the future of electrification. From advancements in lithium extraction techniques to the development of high-performance lithium-ion batteries, Stefan's insights promise to offer a compelling vision of how lithium innovation is revolutionising the way we power our world.


Matthew Burford
Battery Metals Market Analyst, BASF

CAM's unique position: Challenges and opportunities in the mid-stream

Matthew will use his inside knowledge of the world of CAM producers to present the unique opportunities and challenges in the battery mid-stream, where the CAM producers can bridge the gaps between miners, refiners and OEMs.

Matthew joined BASF in 2023 as a Market Analyst covering battery metals, his responsibilities include global market intelligence and strategic project support. He holds a Master's degree in Mining Geology from the Camborne School of Mines. In previous roles, he focused on battery metals and rare earths, working with a broad range of junior miners and multinational corporations.


Balázs Szilágyi
Public Affairs Manager, CATL

Battery technology: Research and development innovations

Balázs is a seasoned Director General with a proven track record in government administration and a keen focus on research developments and innovations in battery technologies. With proficiency in Political Science, Government, International Relations, Management, and European Union affairs, he brings a comprehensive understanding of the political and regulatory landscape surrounding emerging technologies.

Balázs is also a business development expert, leveraging his Master's in International Relations from Corvinus University of Budapest to navigate the complexities of international markets and partnerships in the battery technology sector. His expertise and strategic insights make him a valuable contributor to discussions on the future of energy storage and sustainable development.


Dr Xiaohan Wu
Strategic Consultant, Porsche Consulting

The race for solid-state batteries: Implications for upstream players

Dr. Xiaohan Wu is a strategy consultant specialising in battery technology. His focus includes market dynamics, technology disruptions, and their business implications for players in the cell, component, and upstream (mining & refining) industries. His expertise positions him as a leader in identifying and evaluating emerging battery technologies, notably solid-state batteries.





Adele Rouleau
ESG and Critical Minerals Lead, SFA (Oxford)

Securing supply: The governmental approach

Adele is a highly skilled and experienced multi-lingual analyst with a background in engineering and law. She has worked with government bodies, corporates and academia to help support the sustainable evolution of critical metals and ESG-related impacts, and a background in rare earth minerals.

She has worked with the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris reviewing international regulations and policies across the battery mineral supply chains, policies impacting methane emissions in the downstream oil and gas sector to support the energy transition.

Adele also has a background in legal research and mining law, analysing mining and minerals legislation using regulatory risk benchmarking and evaluating risks for investment decision-making. She has worked as a research assistant at Camborne School of Mines too.

Event programme

Join us for thought-provoking presentations and passionate debates.

The Oxford Battery Metals Lectures is a private event. Admission to this event is at SFA (Oxford)'s discretion.

Oxford Battery Metals Lectures 2023

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