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The Oxford Platinum Lectures 2013

PGM recycling: A waste(d) opportunity?

Friday 10th May, St Antony's College, University of Oxford

In 2013, SFA (Oxford) was proud to celebrate four years of hosting the Oxford Platinum Lectures bringing together, some of the world's leading players in primary and secondary PGM supply to discuss the role recycling will play in securing the industry's future in this increasingly challenging operating environment, hearing from many of the recycling industry’s major players, as well as one of South Africa’s largest platinum producers.

Our event hosted at the University of Oxford's Nissan Lecture Theatre answered critical questions from addressing the impact of rising PGM prices, and whether autocatalyst and jewellery recycling can overwhelm the market?

Will new directives lead to an influx of electronic scrap recycling; if so will PGM supply be significant?

Can recycling collection rates increase from current levels; what are the logistical and economic limitations?

Will primary supply grow again, if so what is the PGM basket going to look like?

Our guest speakers

Archie Myezwa, Head of Strategy and Business Optimisation, Anglo American Platinum

Archie Myezwa, Head of Strategy and Business Optimisation,
Anglo American Platinum

Can the South African mining footprint recover?

Archie Myezwa has been Head of Strategy and Business optimisation for Anglo American Platinum since 2007. He has had multi-country operational experience at a senior level in various commodities, including PGMs, nickel, ferrochrome, copper and gold spanning over 25 years. He is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. Archie is a member of the Operations Committee and a member of the Executive Committee, and prior to this leadership role, he was Head of Smelting Operations between 2005 and 2008.

Archie graduated with a BSc Minerals Engineering degree from the University of Birmingham (1984) and an MBL (business) from the University of South Africa (1992). Archie has also studied Leadership programmes at the University of Cape Town in 2010, and Advanced Strategy Management from the Institute of Management Development in 2012.


Lee Hockey, Sales and Marketing Director, PGM Refining, Johnson Matthey

Open- and closed-loop recycling

Lee joined Johnson Matthey’s PGM Refining business back in 1985 and has held various positions within its sales and customer service functions for the marketing and sales of PGMs, refining and chemical products. Based out of Royston, Lee's experienced in all aspects of strategic decisions, budget responsibility and projects, and global responsibility for Johnson Matthey’s PGM Refining business.

Michel Verhelst, Commercial Director, Umicore

Michel Verhelst, Commercial Director, Umicore

PGM recycling: A bumpy road ahead?

Michel joined Umicore’s Precious Metals Refining unit in 2002, where he has held various commercial positions related to the supply of raw materials for recycling activities, including spent automotive catalysts, spent industrial catalysts and industrial by-products. In 2010, he was appointed Commercial Director of Umicore Precious Metals Refining, which is headquartered in Hoboken, Belgium.

Frank Rettinger, Sales Director, Duesmann & Hensel

Can EU collections increase?

Frank joined Duesmann & Hensel Recycling in Germany in 2007 where he held various positions in sales and key account management. Having turned into a true expert for the recycling of catalytic converters, he was put in charge to develop the UK market.

He was fundamental in setting up the British operation and was promoted to Sales Director UK, heading the commercial and marketing activities in Slinfold as of 2012.

Frank Rettinger, Sales Director, Duesmann & Hensel
Shinya Kitaoka, General Manager, Chemical and Refining, Tanaka Kikinsoku Kogyo

Shinya Kitaoka, General Manager, Chemical and Refining,
Tanaka Kikinsoku Kogyo

The Japanese recycling market

Shinya Kitaoka is a Chief Manager at Tanaka Precious Metals, a leading Japanese precious metals refiner and manufacturer, with responsibility for precious metals hedging for the entire Tanaka group, as well as metals sales marketing.

Kitaoka joined Tanaka in 1999, working as part of its Precious Metals Division since 2002.

Beresford Clarke, Managing Director and Head of Research, SFA (Oxford) Ltd

The Platinum Standard – Market review

As Head of Research at SFA (Oxford), Beresford leads a team of PGM analysts and has been instrumental in helping the company to become the leading brand in PGM analysis and consulting globally. His 10 years specialising in PGM market analysis and pioneering approach to demand and modelling has helped place SFA as the world’s top think-tank, advising the top players in the sector’s value chain. Beresford has worked with everyone who’s anyone in the PGM sector, including fabricators, car companies, mining companies, and financial institutions. He has led major strategic assignments, including investment appraisals, corporate defence, acquisitions and restructuring.

Beresford Clarke, Managing Director and Head of Research, SFA (Oxford) Ltd

History of the Oxford Platinum Lectures

Since SFA (Oxford)'s first event in 2010, the Oxford Platinum Lectures have become an annual staple of the London Platinum Week calendar. Here you can read up on the history of on SFA's annual event that brings together individuals from companies representing the entire platinum industry value chain.

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