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Environmental, Social and Governance

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Trusted ESG advisors for the commodities industry

SFA (Oxford) now produces market-leading insights into the value proposition of the mining industry's environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability initiatives. Our bespoke ESG consulting solutions and extensive analytics help to inform corporate strategy, streamline projects and de-risk operations to meet the growing demands of ESG-conscious investors. There are few sectors that are as intrinsically linked to the natural world and local communities as the commodities and energy sectors. Stringent industry regulations, coupled with increasingly strict disclosure and legislation requirements, are driving companies to be more transparent as they strive to quantify their environmental and social value alongside traditional financial metrics. Let SFA help you to unlock the tremendous upside of this new age of ESG focus and sustainability across your business.

Industry is changing rapidly to address climate concerns

Corporate growth now requires a re-evaluation of long-term goals linked to ESG stewardship. There is a social urgency for companies to do more for current future generations, guided by science, and work with local communities and shareholders more closely to make change happen faster. Business as usual and technical refinements are no longer sufficient. Steady leadership today requires the reassessment of corporate priorities to act sooner, unlock new solutions and deliver superior performance improvements.

Global ecosystems are struggling, long-term poverty is rising, and poor health and suffering is increasing. Nations have collectively amended laws and agreed to cut future emissions and empower companies to set new sustainability targets to drive and enforce change. Emissions and air pollution may need to be cut further than 50% within 10 years to drive pioneering ESG stewardship.

ESG Consulting

Environmental, social and governance

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Environmental, Social and Governance

SFA's ESG solutions are data-driven

The key to unlocking these operational insights is data and analytics. Let SFA benchmark your ESG and operational performance, dive deep into your competitors and give you the honest feedback and recommendations required to push your environmental growth to progress faster, and help you secure access to better funding. The SFA team is expert at processing large volumes of data swiftly and identifying your new priorities.

Case studies

ESG solutions

SFA offers a broad spectrum of services for ESG-conscious market participants in critical metals, applying our strategic focus and bespoke approach to meet your needs.

Market outlook reports for sustainability

ESG assessment of the PGM markets and emissions

SFA is tracking the decarbonisation and energy transition of the PGM value chain assessing the environmental and emissions footprint along the journey to net-zero.

ESG assessment of the lithium market

Our ESG monitoring of the lithium market is critical to the long-term sustainability of battery electric vehicles for investors and stakeholders.

ESG assessment of the nickel and cobalt markets

SFA evaluates the effectiveness of ESG performance in the nickel and cobalt markets to provide ground-breaking insights for the investment community.

ESG assessment of nickel industry players

SFA applies its ESG analytical rigour to the nickel industry to better understand which players are leading and which are falling behind on decarbonisation.

ESG assessment of cobalt industry players

Cobalt supply is heavily reliant on Africa, so it is imperative that SFA supports investors, players and offtakers with unique ESG insights to including risks, responsible sourcing and policy developments.

ESG assessment of lithium industry players

With high energy-intensive processes required to produce lithium hydroxide, SFA can help investors evaluate the sustainability of the lithium supply chain.

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