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Chrome Market Reports

South Africa accounts for 50% of global chrome ore production and the metal has become a critically important by-product credit to platinum-group metal (PGM) mining. This has sparked interest in the economics of PGM orebodies and the contribution of chrome to offset mine costs, and supply to China. By far the most important driver of ferrochrome, and thus chrome ore, is the Chinese stainless steel market.

SFA (Oxford)’s experience in the chrome market goes back decades, having participated in company listings, commercial terms, market evaluations and price forecasting for chrome companies, investors, trading companies and PGM miners.

The Chrome Market Report

The Chrome Market Report

Find out more about our latest Chrome Market Report.

SFA (Oxford)’s Chrome Radar provides an independent overview of supply, demand and pricing for chrome out to 2022. It also contains commentary and analysis on the impact of chrome on mine profitability.

This 60-page study:

  • Details global primary chrome production
  • Evaluates the by-product supply from platinum mining and its impact on platinum mine profitability
  • Assesses the impact of ferrochrome production and stainless steel demand on price elasticity
  • Examines the role of traders in driving price, inventory levels and trade flows
  • Provides a review of the Chinese and stainless steel markets, including consideration of nickel price developments and increasing stainless steel output from low-cost Indonesian mining
  • Outlines the historical prices of chromite and ferrochrome and provides price forecasts for ferrochrome out to 2022

The detailed appendix includes platinum mine ore production and revenue by mines, as well as a summary of South African primary chrome mining operations by company.

Who should read this report?

  • Chrome producers and end-users requiring an independent market review, as well as an understanding of price risks.
  • Investors and financial institutions seeking an overview of the chrome market, or requiring an understanding and quantification of the impact of chrome on the risks and opportunities in the PGM industry and future costs of production.
  • All PGM industry stakeholders and new business entrants who need to keep abreast of the evolving influences of chrome revenue on the profitability of PGM mining.