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Battery Metals

Lithium-ion battery market intelligence

A legacy built on due diligence and market independence

SFA (Oxford) provides a range of in-depth market intelligence on lithium-ion battery metals and materials derived from ground-up modelling of supply and demand fundamentals and our hands-on, forward-looking commentary and analysis on the events and trends impacting the lithium, nickel and cobalt marketplace. Each report is supported with direct interaction with the Battery Metals analyst team. Whether you are interested in quarterly reporting, long-term annual forecasts, or both, SFA can help. Our reports and accurate metal price and precursor price forecasts have developed a 'cult' following by the key value chain players, delivering unique market insights ahead of the industry and supporting our clients in their strategic decisions.

Battery metals and materials reports

Looking at the entire envelope of lithium-ion battery metals and materials is vital to identifying where metal supply bottlenecks will arise. SFA's reports forensically evaluate the state of the electric vehicle ecosystem to establish the existing (and emerging) opportunities and threats for investors and industry stakeholders alike and provide a mix of short- and long-term opportunities collectively analysing the lithium, nickel and cobalt markets.

Battery Metals Quarterly Report and Price Outlook

Our quarterly price risk-focused report details factors impacting the lithium, nickel and cobalt markets for the next five years and future battery technology trends.

Joining the dots between Lithium, Nickel and Cobalt

The SFA team completes a deep dive into the short- to long-term opportunities enabling the success of electric vehicle production across supported regions.

Lithium battery recycling value chain and ESG

SFA evaluates the long and complex life-cycle analysis of lithium-ion battery raw materials to improve the opportunities available for market stakeholders.

Battery Raw Material Market Reports - Lithium, Nickel and cobalt

Lithium market reports

SFA's lithium reports provide a unique value chain perspective on the spodumene, lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate markets. Lithium demand is positioned to grow rapidly over the next 20 years, largely owing to lithium-ion batteries (especially in electric vehicles), and although the market remains well supplied in the near term, new lithium supply must be more disciplined to ensure long-term revenues. Our collection of lithium market reports suits short-, medium- and long-term stakeholder agendas.

Quarterly Lithium Market Report and Prices Outlook

Released four times a year, SFA's lithium price risk report details short- to medium-term factors impacting the lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide markets.

2040 Lithium Market Outlook

This ground-breaking, forward-looking report analyses the trends and influences on the lithium market and battery technologies out to 2040.

ESG assessment of lithium industry players

With high energy-intensive processes required to produce lithium hydroxide, SFA can help investors evaluate the sustainability of the lithium supply chain.


Dive into the lithium market and price drivers for spodumene, lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide for use in lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles, portable electronics, energy storage, glass and ceramics, greases and lubricants and other end-uses.

Nickel market reports

SFA's bespoke nickel market reports encourage stakeholders to confirm their priorities align with the global energy transition.

Demand for high-purity (battery-grade) nickel sulphate (NiSO4) is growing as lithium-ion battery cathode chemistries evolve towards more nickel-rich formulations. From NMC 111 (equally split between Ni, Mg and Co) formulations to the current crop of NMC 532 and NMC 622, and limited use of NMC 811 batteries, nickel sulphate is the growing ingredient at the expense of cobalt and manganese.

SFA has been involved in nickel supply security projects on behalf of end-users, as well as investment appraisals for nickel sulphate plants (including HPAL - high-pressure acid leach) and nickel mines and processing plants. The Battery Metals and Materials team constantly appraises the economics and viability of global class 1 and class 2 nickel mines and projects on behalf of our clients. Our suite of nickel market reports provides a short-to-medium and long-term view for stakeholders.

Quarterly Nickel Market Report and Prices Outlook

Released each quarter, SFA's nickel price risk-focused service details the factors impacting nickel sulphate demand, MHP and refined nickel for the next five years.

Long-term Nickel Market and Prices Outlook to 2040

This ground-breaking, forward-looking report analyses the trends and influences on the nickel market and battery technologies out to 2040.

ESG assessment of nickel industry players

SFA applies its ESG analytical rigour to the nickel industry to better understand which players are leading and which are falling behind on decarbonisation.


Discover the nickel market and price drivers for nickel metal, nickel sulphate and mixed hydroxide product (MHP) for use in lithium-ion batteries, stainless steel, alloy steels, nickel plating and casting.

Cobalt market reports

With the success of electric vehicle production linked to cobalt supply, SFA is on hand to give market guidance on the cobalt market fundamentals. Despite cobalt's diminishing role in electric vehicle batteries, owing to a shift towards nickel-rich cathodes and a resurgence of LFP battery adoption in China, the scale of production growth will lead to cobalt demand rising with electric vehicle uptake. Cobalt remains a key metal in ensuring cathode stability and electric vehicle battery life, and remains unlikely to be completely substituted out with current technology. SFA's portfolio of cobalt market reports enables stakeholders to identify new opportunities and market threats across the cobalt value chain.

Quarterly Cobalt Market Report and Price Outlook

Released each quarter, SFA's cobalt price risk-focused report details cobalt supply and demand impacting factors for the next five years.

Long-term Cobalt Market and Price Outlook to 2040

This ground-breaking, forward-looking report analyses the trends and influences on the cobalt market and battery technologies out to 2040.

ESG assessment of cobalt industry players

Cobalt supply is heavily reliant on Africa, so it is imperative that SFA supports investors, players and offtakers with unique ESG insights to including risks, responsible sourcing and policy developments.


Explore the cobalt market and cobalt price drivers for lithium-ion batteries and other end-uses such as superalloys, hard metals, and other non-battery uses.

Regional battery metals and materials reports

SFA is working with automakers and industry associations as well as battery component manufacturers who need to understand long-term supply and demand aspects and battery metal price risks. Our insightful regional battery metals and materials reports for investors and stakeholders alike target market risks, opportunities and challenges. They investigate the supply chains and trade flows of the critical elements needed across the value chain, from mining to precursor production and OEM production, for profitable and efficient participation in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.

North America Battery Materials Market Outlook

Significant long-term opportunities exist along the value chain as more supportive legislation drives EV growth, with greater awareness of ESG pressures.

China Battery Materials Market Outlook

China has the largest electric vehicle market in the world, so how can China co-exist with the rest of the world in this sector?

India Battery Materials Market Outlook

With high car ownership, dense cities, and the need to improve urban air quality, how can India adopt more electric vehicles and can city infrastructure cope?

Europe Battery Materials Market Outlook

European automakers need greater involvement in the battery supply chain to source raw materials and precursor components to improve supply security.

The Lithium Triangle in South America

Argentina, Bolivia and Chile have long been low-cost sources of lithium supply for electric vehicles but greater ESG scrutiny means new processes must be adopted.

Australia Battery Materials Market Outlook Report

With Australia's abundance of battery raw materials, long-term challenges exist to develop its beneficiation strategy towards battery-grade precursor products.

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