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Green metals for the hydrogen economy

Long-term PGM market outlook

Augmenting your supply chain investment strategy

SFA (Oxford) provides long-term supply security outlooks for the platinum group metals using detailed mine supply and recycling modelling. The pivot to hydrogen is happening. Decarbonising industry and transport offers long-term PGM demand growth. SFA can leverage unique insights to make connections between what the hydrogen market needs and what PGMs, the strategic metals, can do for this fast-developing sector. Our clients ask us where platinum, iridium and ruthenium come from, and whether there is enough iridium and ruthenium available to supply the hydrogen economy. SFA is the only company to give you a fully comprehensive view of PGM supply and current and future market risks.

Delivering comprehensive analysis of long-term PGM supply

South African producers have a PGM basket well turned to the hydrogen economy, and an enviable track record on traceable, ethical production. For fabricators, expertise in catalyst production will be in demand. Investors will seek projects that meet ever-higher environmental standards. Traders require new relationships and new ways of working with producers and end-users.

SFA provides long-term supply security outlooks for platinum, iridium and ruthenium using detailed modelling of mine supply and recycling, along with analysis of the risks from competing technologies: which PGM-based technologies can be competitive, and which to avoid.

Our exclusive PGM demand forecast model reveals growth opportunities and mitigates risk. It enables us to predict demand for the critical metals in hydrogen production and hydrogen-fuelled transport and industry.

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