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The legislative landscape

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SFA (Oxford) assesses the main international legal frameworks for green hydrogen development, penalties and incentives, implications, and end-use sector opportunities. We evaluate the supportive legislative, economic and social influences on adoption by the market. The legislative landscape around hydrogen and air quality drivers is creating significant interest to grow fuel cell markets. Decarbonisation, zero-emission targets and 'build back better' are influencing adoption. Partnerships and JVs will be vital for success. The implications for end-uses will vary significantly by sector. As a prerequisite for green hydrogen, legislative and economic impacts on low carbon energy such as solar, wind and nuclear require ongoing monitoring. Let SFA keep you informed of the green hydrogen investment environment.

Policy pressure is peaking

Recent legislative changes and committed government funds mean green hydrogen is beginning to be viable. Initiatives such as the EU's Green New Deal which aims to be climate neutral by 2050 have spurred a wave of pledges for widespread investment into the technology, now being repeated around the world. Legislation, external factors, market events, increasing standardisation and lower capital costs are lowering market entry barriers. This could lead to faster adoption of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and battery electric vehicles. Tightening environmental legislation can be very supportive to fuel cell adoption. Cities are increasingly banning the more emitting vehicles, without acknowledging cleaner diesel technologies (Euro 6). Gasoline vehicles are not the solution to meet future emission standards – despite improvements, they still emit higher CO2 emissions than diesel vehicles. The SFA team wants to help to keep you informed of the rapidly changing hydrogen market around the world.

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