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Hydrogen mobility and logistics

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With SFA (Oxford)’s Hydrogen Mobility Watch, we can help you track the development of hydrogen fuel cell initiatives and infrastructure development projects underway. With industry and consumers beginning to test and purchase more fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), hydrogen fuelling infrastructure needs greater adoption to foster market growth and transportation flexibility. Integrating hydrogen transport infrastructure into the energy supply chain is a primary challenge, with popular gasoline and diesel refuelling forecourts operating everywhere and few FCEVs on the roads. New key partnerships are required for hydrogen to be integrated efficiently into the transportation network, balanced with the variety of primary hydrogen transportation methods available. For mass deployment, numerous factors need to be considered for viability, such as cost, reliability, safety, performance, utilisation, energy and quality. Let SFA assess the FCEV market adoption challenges and car ownership potential as suppliers overcome constraints across the hydrogen transport supply chain, distribution and storage.

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