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Insightful presentations on the most pressing industry issues

SFA (Oxford)'s annual event, the Oxford Platinum Lectures, brings together individuals from companies representing the entire platinum industry value chain for a day of thought-provoking presentations and intellectual debate based around the most important industry issues of the year.

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The Oxford Platinum Lectures

Since SFA (Oxford)'s first event in 2010, the Oxford Platinum Lectures have become an annual staple of the London Platinum Week calendar, welcoming the PGM industry’s most important players to the UK, and to Oxford. The day is facilitated by experts and intellectuals who address some of the most complex questions concerning the PGM industry today and going forward.

Each year, we decide on a theme for the Lectures, encompassing the most pressing issues of that particular year. Speakers from across the PGM value chain, representing producers, end-users and investors, are invited to offer conference delegates unique insights into industry opportunities and challenges, making this one of the most exciting and eagerly anticipated events of London Platinum Week.

New York Platinum Week

Since launching The Palladium Standard in September 2016 at a special event in New York, SFA (Oxford) has swiftly established this as a new must-attend annual event during New York Platinum Week.