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Black swan events and PGM market impacts

Risk management

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Sometimes events occur that change the course of the PGM market – prices, supply, demand – be it a short-term perturbation or something that leads to a longer-term structural revision. SFA (Oxford)'s unique analytical depth enables us to provide our clients with a rolling view of the impact of such sudden events in terms that are useful and relevant to them.

Assessing market fallout in PGM terms after unusual events

This includes scenarios covering a range of impacts which are especially useful where the situation is still changing and the full extent of the disruption is unclear.

We continue to gather and process data throughout such events, to provide our clients with regular updates. Examples of some of the major events we cover in this way include:

  • Covid-19 disruption to mine output and automotive sales.

  • The deepening semiconductor chip shortage impact on automotive production and corresponding cuts to autocatalyst PGM demand forecasts.

  • PGM processing events such as the smelter breakdown at Anglo American Platinum's ACP units and delays to refined PGM output.

  • Flooding at Norilsk mines and delays to PGMs reaching the markets.

Our clients have been receiving regular updates on the progress to business-as-usual following these unforeseen events. Each update includes a revised estimate of the latest PGM supply and/or demand situation, enabling our clients to make well-informed decisions for their business.

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