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Ruthenium Market Reports

Ruthenium has recently outperformed all the other PGMs, but rising prices increase the risk of price-induced substitution for existing end-uses and threaten ruthenium's place in the adoption zone for potential new end-uses.

SFA (Oxford) utilises its extensive expertise and knowledge of the ruthenium industry to provide an independent quarterly view, allowing you to keep up to date with this market and highlighting technological developments and the underlying evolution of demand and end-use applications.

The Ruthenium Quarterly Market Report

The Ruthenium Quarterly Market Report offers an independent outlook for this niche strategic commodity. It provides an update of the technological developments and underlying evolution of demand and end-use applications – electrical, chemical catalysis, electrochemical and aerospace.

Ruthenium's main use, in electrical applications (higher density data storage), is considered, in particular: manufacturing bases, players and regions; price and performance drivers encouraging the use of ruthenium; and threats to ruthenium at current prices (substitution, new technologies). Also included are the applications of chemical catalysis, especially acetic acid synthesis, ammonia production and metathesis (Grubbs) catalysts, market intelligence on capacity by region and consumption, growth areas, and demand upside. Future demand opportunities in applications such as aerospace turbine blades, where superalloys are widely used, are assessed.

Who should read this report

  • Ruthenium-/PGM-focused end-users and fabricators in need of a quarterly, independent picture of the supply, demand, stocks and pricing of the ruthenium market and its evolving technologies and new applications.
  • Producers and fabricators requiring an independent, quarterly review of end-use evolution, including opportunities, threats and substitutes, as well as an understanding of price risks.

The report

The Ruthenium Quarterly Market Report includes the following sections:

  • Supply-demand estimates to 2024
  • Price history and forecast
  • Trade flows
  • Supply update – from the main producers, the implications for metal supply, and any notable stock movements
  • Demand update by end-use – highlighting the implications for metal demand, both positive and negative
  • Technology – evaluating potential new demand areas, identifying where new technology may substitute or thrift current ruthenium demand
  • Legislation – as a driver of demand, where it affects certain processes
  • Companies – identifying mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and any other activities that may influence technology choices