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SFA (Oxford) provides regular market intelligence on the PGM metals and other strategic commodities.

Platinum-group metals

SFA (Oxford) is a world authority on platinum-group metals (PGMs), having spent over 15 years successfully completing complex assignments for PGM producers, end-users and investors, whilst compiling the most comprehensive, independent supply and demand database.

Our wide-ranging analysis of PGMs and their markets includes extensive forecasting of the supply, demand and pricing trends of these strategic metals, as well as detailed financial modelling for operations (producing, recycling, smelting and refining) in all of the major regions of the world and an empirical understanding of the metal requirements and market projections for end-use.

Battery raw materials

SFA (Oxford)'s long history of research into PGMs and their association with emissions compliance and the automotive sector has provided us with a deep understanding of automotive emissions technologies. This experience has provided us with a springboard to offer consultancy on other commodities such as lithium, nickel and cobalt.

Precious metals

Since its beginnings as a niche business in the early 2000s, SFA (Oxford) has evolved to become a globally renowned and highly respected precious metals consultancy.

Special reports

SFA (Oxford)'s signature PGM reports "PGM: Joining the dots between metal flows and price setting", and "Spent autocatalyst recycling mapped and analysed" provide unique deep-dive assessments covering these opaque market areas.

Other bespoke reports

SFA (Oxford) has a selection of other market intelligence studies available. To discuss these and/or your specific area of interest, please contact us.

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