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Energy storage and renewable energy

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Stabilising the circular economy with local energy storage

The pressure for renewable energy generation will require intermittent chemical energy storage solutions to support international climate change objectives. With the clean energy transition, SFA (Oxford) helps energy-intensive industries with energy storage assessments to reduce their reliance on the grid. Smart energy use from energy storage can be attained from peak shaving, load shifting, emergency back-up and demand response. Similarly, the development of independent localised grids and onsite energy generation reinforces power resilience in volatile periods to deliver greater control and performance, and new value-enhancing opportunities with surplus energy production. Seasonal energy storage and alleviate the demand for green power availability. Let SFA augment your sustainable energy strategy.

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Henk de Hoop

Chief Executive Officer

Beresford Clarke

Managing Director: Technical & Research

Jamie Underwood

Principal Consultant

Dr Emilio Soberón

Principal Consultant

Thomas Chandler

Principal Market Analyst

Lakshya Gupta

Senior Battery Technologies Analyst

Sandeep Kaler

Industrial Demand Analyst

Dr Fahad Aljahdali

Energy Analyst

Eknoor Arora

Mining Analyst

Gyubin Hwang

Hydrogen Market Analyst

Carol Lu

Associate Principal Analyst: China

Nelsa Martins

Senior Technical Consultant

Stephen A. Forrest

Retired Chairman

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